Our Cuban Cigar Shop is home to premium cigar brands.

Dating back to 1492, the crewmen of Christopher Columbus were the first to ever encounter cigars on the island of Hispaniola, known today as Haiti. Being instantly fascinated by this extraordinary product and its flavours, Columbus’ crew brought habanos to Europe, making the first step towards the establishment of cigars as an internationally famous and sought after product.

Since then, the Cuban Cigars industry has undergone many changes, however, one thing has managed to remain the same over the years; quality. From the cultivation process to the storage of the final product, all cigars are handmade by highly skilled torcedores, using tobacco leaves sourced from the most premium tobacco farms in Cuba. The result is a product made of exquisite craftsmanship that can certainly excite the taste buds of both a cigar beginner and an aficionado.

We at EGM Cigars are home to a wide collection of Cuban Cigar brands, offering every cigar smoker an extensive selection of smokes to choose from. Whether you are a Cohiba Cigars fan or you prefer the mild and light flavours of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand, our cigar portfolio will fascinate even the most demanding type of smoker out there. Quality is what we value the most as a company, so rest assure that all of our cigars have been sourced only from official Habanos S.A. importers.

If you want to learn more about the enticing world of habanos make sure to check our Cuban Cigar Blog and be up-to-date with everything happening in the cigar industry.