Cigar Ashtrays

Cigar Ashtrays

Every cigar aficionado knows the importance of a good cigar ashtray. Apart from providing an ideal place for ash from cigars, an ashtray allows the cigar to extinguish gently, without haste. Some ashtrays have notches at the rim where you can place your cigar when you're tired of holding it and go about other activities. You can get tired of holding a cigar the entire time and having a suitable ashtray can make things easier. Sometimes, you may want to temporarily put out your cigar, place it somewhere, and return to it later. This is where a reliable Cuban ashtray comes in.  Besides, it helps you to keep your space tidy and clean by providing a place to put cigar ash—which can be a mess if not disposed of properly.

If you're looking for a Cuban cigar ashtray, you want nothing but the best ashtray at the best price. EGM Cigars offers a wide range of cigar ashtrays for all smokers. We offer cigar ashtrays from top Cuban cigars brands, including Montecristo, Cohiba Cigars, and Trinidad.

    We have a thoughtfully selected collection of Cuban cigar ashtrays to suit every taste. Check out more of our high-quality ashtrays on our Cuban Cigars Website.

    Ashtrays are made of fire-retardant material to ensure the cigar extinguishes safely and quickly and to reduce the risk of fire. Our ashtrays are made of the highest quality ceramic to ensure they last longer and offer better functionality. In addition, they are easy to clean, stylish, and fade resistant. They are designed to complement just about any décor. This makes them great for smoking lounges, bars, restaurants, outdoor entertainment places, and any room in your house.

    How to choose a cigar ashtray:


    The materials that are commonly used to make cigar ashtrays include glass, ceramic, silicone, fire-retardant plastic, and many more. Glass ashtrays are easy to clean and maintain, and this is why they are a popular option among smokers. Ceramic ashtrays are also preferred by most smokers as they are durable, easy to clean, and stylish. At EGM Cigars, we avail a wide range of ceramic ashtrays decorated with emblems of top Cuban cigar brands. Silicone ashtrays are the newest trend as they are indestructible and come in countless designs.


    Cuban cigar ashtrays come in many designs allowing you to choose the design that works best for you. There are small size ashtrays that don't take too much space as well as larger ashtrays that are designed for business use. Smaller ashtrays are ideal for someone who's always on the move. The larger ones are ideal for restaurants, smoking lounges, bars, and business use.


    For business use, you’ll want to choose a certain sized outdoor ashtray that matches the aesthetics of your business space. If you’re on the move most of the time, a pocket or portable ashtray is ideal.

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