El Rey del Mundo

El Rey del Mundo Cuban Cigars

El Rey del Mundo Cigars is believed to have been originally founded in 1848 by Emilio Ohmstedt - a German Businessman, who also founded Sancho Panza Cigars. After Ohmstedts tragic death, the company was passed down to Antonio Allones - who led it to be a firmly established brand in the world of Cuban cigars. With its name meaning 'King of the World', there was a time when the brand was among the most prestigious brands in the world. 

In spite of what the brand owner says, El Rey del Mundo is a milestone for Cuban cigars. With six medals won during international fairs and originating from a prestigious factory (Ramon Allones Cigars) - it is also a favourite of one of our EGM founders. You can find all the vitolas in regular production on our Cuban cigar shop