Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina Cuban Cigars


Vegas Robaina Cigars first hit the Cuban cigars market in 1997. The brand was introduced as a tribute to Alejandro Robaina - a famous torcedor who dedicated his life to perfecting his rolling technique. He was a great example of the hard-work that locals put into creating the best cigars. From the age of 10, Alejandro helped his family on their tobacco farm - leading him to try his first cigar a year later. He grew up in the famous Vuelta Abajo region, which is known as Cuba's greatest tobacco-growing region. When he was a late-teen, Fidel Castro's government came into power - but he refused to help on the state-run farms, claiming his family farms were the best.

Whilst speaking about Cuban cigars and the Vegas Robaina brand, Alejandro admitted that perhaps none of the leaves from his precious cultivation would actually be used for the products that you will find online. We believe some of the leaves are used for the infamous Vegas Robaina range, whereas some are separated and blended into other super high-quality cigars, for instance, the globally known Diplomaticos Cigars. Vegas Robaina Cigars are very much popular for being handmade with high quality long-filler tobacco, tripa larga - delivering great, well-balanced medium to full flavours.