Cigar Cutters

Cigar Cutters

A cigar cutter is an essential device for a smoker. It will not only give you a clean cut on the tip of your cigar but it will also allow you to enjoy a pleasant smoking experience. A bad cut will ruin your cigar. That’s why you need to get the best cigar cutters and achieve a perfect cut every single time. At EGM Cigars, we provide you with the best cigar cutters to enhance your smoking experience. 

How to properly cut a cigar

The first thing you need to properly cut a cigar is the right cigar cutter. A good cigar cutter should feature an ergonomic design so that it will feel good in your hand, making it easy for you to achieve a good cut. If this is your first time approaching the world of cigars, we have broken down the process of cutting your Cuban Cigars for you:

  1. Preparing the cut

The purpose of cutting a cigar is to remove the cap so that it may be properly smoked. The cap is the small seams along the circumference of a cigar’s head. You must identify the cap so that you can cleanly remove it and leave a strip of flag leaf. The best way to leave some flag leaf is to cut below the cap’s end.

  1. Moisten the head

Typically, the wrapper leaf tends to be delicate which means it can get torn when cutting. That’s why it’s advisable to dampen the head before cutting. The best way to dampen the head is to place the cigar’s head on your lips.

  1. Perform the cut

Position the blades inside the end of the cap and make a quick cut. Be sure to cut the cigar firmly and quickly without hesitating.

How to choose a cigar cutter

The best cigar cutter should produce a straight, even cut on the cigar end. Cigar cutters with double blades are recommended because they are more effective as compared to single blade cigar cutters. Double blade cutters apply equal pressure on both sides and pass each other in the middle to achieve a perfect cut. When shopping for a cigar cutter, you’ll want to consider the blade material for purposes of durability and a clean cut. Typically, stainless steel blades are preferred because they last longer and make it easier to cut your cigars. Generally, a good cigar cutter should feature excellent craftsmanship, solid construction, ergonomic design and double blades.

EGM Cigars - The leading provider of cigar cutters 

If you want to have the best smoking experience, it’s important to buy a premium quality cigar cutter. At EGM Cigars, we offer a wide range of cigar cutters at the best prices to allow cigar aficionados to find the perfect cutter. We have cigar cutters from the leading brands to ensure our customers get the best quality products.

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