The Best Cuban Cigar Selections to Add to Your Humidor

The Best Cuban Cigar Selections to Add to Your Humidor

Last week we acquired some new stock in the form of the Selección boxes from the LCDH Editions range. Inspired by these latest additions to our ever expanding online store, we thought it would be a great opportunity to write a blog post on what makes these the Best Cuban Cigar Selections to add to your humidor. 


Cigar Selection boxes, very much like the ones you might receive at Christmas filled with delicious chocolates from Godiva, Guylian and Galaxy, are filled with cigars from your favourite Cigar brands. These can range from more famous and familiar brands such as Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars and Bolivar Cigars, to lesser known kinds like Fonseca and Quintero.


Like we mentioned in our previous blog post on our Cuban Cigar Blog, Best Cuban Cigars for Beginners, choosing a cigar can be very difficult, particularly with the expansive selection of cigars now available to you. For instance, you could decide that you really enjoy the format of a Piramide vitola but with so many different brands creating Piramides it can feel overwhelming figuring out which one is your absolute favourite. Or perhaps, on the other hand, you know exactly which brand you prefer, but are unable to figure out which format you like the most. This is when a Cuban Cigar Selection can make things a lot easier, because you get an array of cigars, differing in brand or vitola, all within arm’s reach.


Selección Robusto Case

Image of the Selección Robusto Case

The first of three, the Selección Robusto Case was the primary release from Habanos S.A in July of 2003. The Selección Robusto Case is a box containing Cuban Cigars from five different brands in the Robusto vitola. Every cigar in this selection is made totally by hand with the finest tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region and measures at 124mm in length by a 50 ring gauge. The Selección Robusto Case contains 6 Robusto vitolas from Cuba’s most well known brands:


Selección Pirámide Case

Selección Pirámide Case

Released in the very same year as the Selección Robusto Case, this selection of Piramides were a welcome addition to the LCDH Editions. The Piramide vitola, also known as a Torpedo is known for its tapered head and shoulders. Many enthusiasts of this particular vitola, believe that this format gives you more leverage over its combustibility rate which sets it apart from the rest. These handmade cigars measure at 156mm in length by a 52 ring gauge.


Selección Petit Robustos Case

Image of the Selección Petit Robustos Case

The latest addition to the Selección series from Habanos S.A is the Selección Petit Robustos Case. A fantastic box which provides two of each cigar as to allow you to really make up your mind on which Petit Robustos you prefer. Released in 2012 and with only 5,000 boxes being produced, it is already a valuable and collectible item. 

The case contains ten Petit Robustos, a widely recognised and popular vitola as of recent years, which measures at 102mm in length by a 50 ring gauge. The five cigars included in this selection are: 

With the addition of two unreleased vitolas, made specifically for this set the Partagas Petit Robustos Cigar and the H Upmann Petit Robustos Cigar. 


There are so many benefits of adding these selections to your humidors and that’s what makes these so popular. Each selection here gives you the opportunity to try before you buy, meaning you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about buying a box of cigars later if you’re a beginner. Purchasing any of these selections will also give you the chance to enjoy different brands in only one purchase, making it easier for you to decipher your preferences and enjoy an excellent variety. And another great advantage of a Selección case or a travel humidor is that they make for a thoughtful and beneficial gift for any budding aficionado or a more learned smoker.

These cigar selections offer so many benefits for an excellent value, why not shop them on our website and browse through our extensive collection of Limited Edition Cigars and Regional Edition Cigars too. We certainly do have something for everybody and for every taste.

In line with this blog post, we are actually about to launch our own exclusive EGM Cigar Sampler/Selection packs very soon, which will be tailored to various purposes. For example, we will be including a Cuban Cigar Starter Pack, for those that are just beginning their aficionado journey. We will also be including certain flavour profiled packs, like 'Mild', 'Medium' and a 'Full Flavoured Sampler Pack'. We're still in the early stages of sorting this all out, so if you have any recommendations please email us at Whilst you wait, check our Instagram for new products and sign up to our newsletter to be one of the first to know when these are available to buy!

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