Where to Smoke: The Bar & Garden Terrace at The Hari

Where to Smoke: The Bar & Garden Terrace at The Hari

 The intimate and stunning Hari Bar & Garden Terrace 


The third editorial in our spotlight series Where to Smoke. An inside guide on the most opulent rooms, lounges and terraces to enjoy Cuban Cigars. Opened in 2016, our next stop is The Hari. A luxury boutique hotel, under the vision of Harilela Hotels CEO Aron Harilela, and located in the midst of London's most upscale streets. Here are our previous articles from the series:


Belgravia, one of the world’s wealthiest neighbourhoods. A province where Harrods and Sloane Square are in walking distance; leafy streets where bikes can be safely ridden. Two stand tall outside The Hari – a luxury 5* boutique hotel. Inside the grand, wooden doors, behind the stylish, plaid uniformed doormen, stands a homely setting, in a chic, vogue décor. The artistic work of Tara Bernard & Partners, who fully furnished the interior. The Hari successfully submerges elegance and modern luxury, with creativity and whimsical charm. Walk up the beautiful staircase where you can marvel at a glitzy, centrepiece chandelier, and you’ll find yourself in a cosy, literacy-styled lounge. Take a couple of more steps, and you’ll uncover the stylish terrace to light Cuban Cigars.

The Hari Hotel - London - Cuban Cigars - EGM Cigars

The Hari - London Hotel - EGM Cigars

Outside The Hari Hotel; inside the exquisite hotel's reception 


"An energetic, fashionable glow"

BEHIND THE HOTEL - Together as The Hari Bar & Garden Terrace, the location is a perfect environment to unwind. A charismatic ambiance, with mixologists serving the greatest coloured drinks, and attentive staff who are on the cusps of learning every angle of knowledge. An ethos to get involved in all areas, to not create one niche specialist, but a diverse team equipped with many. The bar manager James Hunt, shares a hearty passion for cigars. His well-equipped research has made the terrace up-and-coming; cigar and whiskey tasting nights, camaraderie between cigar smokers. Distinguishing itself as different to the large, corporately owned hotels in close proximity, The Hari adds an energetic, fashionable glow to London’s traditional establishments. It’s hard to elect the right words, because the infusion is something new, or as PR Liz Healey states, “unique”. The idea being quirky cool, dissimilar to everything else. It’s where people who want to be seen doing cool and glamorous stuff visit, though equally, it’s a hub for a relaxed, convivial atmosphere of opulence.

The Hari Bar & Garden Terrace - EGM Cigars

The Hari Bar & Garden Terrace - Cocktails - EGM Cigars

The most popular whiskey Chivas Regal; a tasty Seventh Heaven Cocktail


"a modern vibe"

AL FRESCO TERRACE –  Aron Harilela – Chairman and CEO of Harilela Hotels, is a devoted cigar connoisseur. The terrace situates both Cuban and non Cuban cigars, lunch, snacks, and a varying drinks menu, including tea and coffee. We enjoyed the appetising Seventh Heaven cocktail based on tequila, the most popular whiskey Chivas Regal, and a seasonal drink Graveyard Halloween – the name indicating its associated holiday. Though there is a cigar and whiskey tasting night, created with suppliers to ensure an incredible experience, bar manager James illustrates his cigar enthusiasm, as he discussed the brilliance of rum as a pairing – it’s sweetness perfectly matching habanos. Described as a “modern vibe”, the terrace has a retractable roof, heaters, plush chairs and seating, Instagram-worthy light, and picturesque walls with lamps dangling. Blending the serene space with the eclectic cocktails, the terrace is widely used for events. “You can seat 15 at a dinner, stand 30 as a reception – nights like whiskey and cigar tasting or master classes are very easy for us to do. It can be organised beautifully – it’s just a very dress-able space.”

The Hari Bar & Garden Terrace - Cuban Cigars - EGM Cigars

 Lighting a habano while enjoying a cocktail drink pairing


 "a relaxed, convivial atmosphere of opulence"

CUBAN CIGARS IN THE HUMIDOR – The Cuban cigar humidor from Hunters & Frankau (official UK distributors of Habanos S.A) stocks popular classics. James says “Cohiba always sells really well”. As the most successful Habanos S.A brand, this is unsurprising. We at EGM Cigars, consider the Cohiba Robustos Cigar as one of the finest from Cuba. With a length of 124mm by a ring gauge of 50, this exquisite habano inherits the rare, medium to full body profile the brand is known for. James went on to mention the exceptional Montecristo 80 Aniversario cigar, recently enjoyed at the terrace by a group celebrating. As a Limited Editions Cigar, a mere 30,000 boxes have been produced. A delectable aroma of nutty and earth notes, savoured for approximately two hours’ worth of smoking time. Although there is no certified cigar sommelier, there is always someone with knowledge and understanding available to help you make your selection.

The Hari Bar & Garden Terrace - Cuban Cigars menu - EGM Cigars

The Hari Bar & Garden Terrace - EGM Cigars

The Cuban cigar menu which recommends particular drinks to pair with cigars; bar manager James Hunt


"personalised service is implemented"

AMENITIES AT THE HARI – 85 rooms, 14 suites and The Penthouse; while The Hari is theoretically ‘boutique’, the term seems too overused to become linked to a hotel this remarkable. Being on the smaller scale, an especially bespoke, personalised service is implemented. Listening to guests, recognising when one might be ill and in need of lemon and tea or medication, is all part of the experience. What makes The Hari such a luxurious place to smoke Cuban cigars and relax, is in addition to the prized location, the restaurant Il Pampero is situated inside. An Italian team serving Italian food through Italian suppliers. It’s a close sense of Italy in the core of London. Traditional dishes such as tonnarello cacao e pepe (homemade pasta), served from a Parmesan Wheel, and a delicious sea bass in salt, all classily presented. As we recommend you eat before you smoke (particularly with a large cigar), we suggest you book a booth at the restaurant, or simply order a light meal at the al fresco terrace. The choice at The Hari is unprecedented.

With its stylish interior, comfy seating and energised team, The Hari Bar and Garden Terrace is one of the world’s most luxurious places to smoke, and appreciate some of the greatest Cuban Cigars online. A friendly atmosphere with a welcoming approach to those who define themselves as beginner cigar smokers. The Hari lives up to its five-star rating and has brought a sophisticated, quirky appeal to the London cigar industry. While the hotel is developing and the team further learning, now is perfect moment to go, because as Liz said, “there’s such a buzz, but it’s such a hidden gem”.

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