Vintage Cigars: Why Age Matters

Vintage Cigars: Why Age Matters

Regardless the industry, vintage products are distinguished for not just their timelessness but, also, for the unique characteristics that they develop over time. In a similar way, Cuban Cigars aged for a certain period of time are classified as vintage and can certainly demonstrate a number of differences from their regular production versions. Whether stored for only a couple of years or for over a decade, there are plenty of variants that differentiate Vintage Cigars from their regular production cousins. Habanos adored by both cigar collectors and avid cigar smokers, in today’s blog we touch on the reasons why vintage cigars are so special.


RARITY – Vintage cigars are most certainly unique. But how do we reach to that conclusion? To determine the rarity of vintage cigars we need to take a look at the process of making a cigar vintage itself. When a habano is first launched, avid cigar aficionados line up to purchase and puff on the newly released smoke. However, a number of suppliers choose to store a certain amount of these cigars, regardless the popularity of the product at that time. Later, when the time has come for these smokes to be finally released as vintage, all the years that these puros have been stored add to their rarity and overall uniqueness – making them, undoubtedly, collector’s items. Aged for over eleven years, the Vintage Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios Cigar (USE SEP ’08) can certainly testify to that. Measuring at 140 mm in length by a ring gauge of 52, these habanos deliver strong yet well-balanced flavours – smokes that cigar collectors should not miss out.

VALUE – Rarity raises the value of a product and that is applicable in the cigars industry too. Vintage cigars aged for a certain amount of years are pricier than the regular production version of these habanos. That’s, also, the reason why vintage smokes make such great investments. The more a habano is sitting inside a humidor, the more it raises its value. A little piece of advice in case you are interested in a cigar investment, the best vintage cigar investments tend to be limited edition ones due to their relatively small supply. Nevertheless, all vintage cigars differ pricewise from their regular production versions since they require extra care and patience for them to properly age. A smoke to be remembered, the Vintage H. Upmann Magnum 46 Cigar (ESP ABR ’09) delivers some very distinctive aromas. Wrapped in a Coronas Gordas vitola, the vintage Magnum 46 cigar is popular for providing concentrated flavours, producing a light to medium flavoured profile, typical of the H. Upmann Cigars brand.

cohiba_vintage_maduro_5_genios_cigar_use_sep_08 and h.upmann_vintage_magnum_46_cigar_esp_abr_09_EGM_Cigars

Left: Vintage Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios Cigar (USE SEP '08), Right: Vintage H. Upmann Magnum 46 Cigar (ESP ABR '09)


ORGANIC PRODUCT – Like full-bodied wine, vintage Cuban Cigars Online are organic products and age matters to such products. What is an organic product you may ask? A product that is created excluding the use of artificial chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides is an organic product. Habanos are products of a cultivating system which avoids the use of all the above chemical substances. Therefore, age, and proper care, of course, can certainly enhance the quality and flavour profile of a cigar. Well-known for its ageing merits, the Vintage Cohiba Siglo VI Cigar (EMA NOV ’08) is definitely one of the most desired cigars on the market. With their regular production version being a favourite amongst cigar aficionados, these habanos provide a mixture of excellent flavours with a distinctive spiciness, guaranteeing an exquisite smoke.

ENHANCING FLAVOURS – As we discussed on our recent post, 6 Mistakes a Cigar Aficionado Should Never Do, no avid cigar aficionado should believe that vintage cigars deliver different flavours from their regular production versions. Nevertheless, age contributes massively to influencing and enhancing the existing flavours of a habano. That been said, there’s no doubt that a vintage cigar produces deeper and more complex aromas than its regular production cousin while, at the same time, retains a very well-balanced flavoured profile. Handmade using high-quality tobacco leaves from the acclaimed Vuelta Abajo zone, the Vintage Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigar (MAS OCT ’08) will certainly serve well any type of cigar smoker. Aged since 2008, these fine puros are coming in 178 mm long by a 47 ring gauge and are capable of delivering very complex and rich flavours – much more intense than its regular production version.

Cohiba_Vintage_Siglo_VI_EMA_NOV_2008_Cigar_ and ROMEO_Y_JULIETA_Vintage_CHURCHILL_Mas_Oct_2008_TUBOS_EGM_Cigars_1

Left: Vintage Cohiba Siglo VI Cigar (EMA NOV '08), Right: Vintage Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigar (MAS OCT '08)

Despite being favoured by cigar collectors everywhere, Vintage puros have been consistently adored by cigar aficionados for their rich flavours and distinctive aromas. Discover the splendour smoke that Vintage Cuban Cigars produce by purchasing any from our selection of Cuban Cigars for Sale Online today. Stay up to date with the cigars industry by reading more from our Cuban Cigar Blog.

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