Top 5 Most Overlooked Cuban Cigars

Top 5 Most Overlooked Cuban Cigars

From the cigar enthusiast to the aficionado, there are all sorts of Cigars, capable of fulfilling the needs of each type of smoker out there. Of course, iconic cigars, like the Cohiba Behike 56 or the Romeo y Julieta Churchills, are popular in the habano world for their enticing yet well-balanced aromas. Nonetheless, there are certain cigars which are most of the times overlooked or under-appreciated, regardless of their irresistible flavours. That been said, in today's post we take a look at the best 5 overlooked smokes, discussing we they worth an hour or two of your time.


ROMEO Y JULIETA CORONITAS EN CEDRO - We can always count on Romeo y Julieta Cigars to produce exceptional medium flavoured smokes. A cigar that doesn't the attention it deserves, the Romeo y Julieta Coronitas en Cedro Cigar is as good an anything to come from the brand. Coming in Demi Corona vitola that measures at 129 mm in length by a 40 ring gauge, Coronitas has the right size and flavour to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. From a casual after work smoke to a special occasion cigar, Coronitas en Cedro can excite even the most experienced smoker anytime and anywhere.

POR LARRANAGA MONTECARLO - Are you looking for great quality at an unbeatable price? Then the Por Larranaga Montecarlo Cigar is the right one for you. Handmade using the finest tobacco leaves sourced from prominent plantations in the well-known Vuelta Abajo region, Montecarlo is been highly overlooked by aficionados, despite offering great draw and burnability. Although it is slim and thin in size, Montecarlo manages to deliver one of the most complex smokes for just over an hour,  making it a cigar worthy of attention.

ROMEO Y JULIETA coronitas en cedro cigar and por larrnaga monte carlo cigar egm cigars

Left: Romeo y Julieta Coronitas en Cedro Cigar, Right: Por Larranaga Montecarlo Cigar


MONTECRISTO NO. 5 - Montecristo has built a reputable legacy for creating some of the most exceptional and sought after smokes out there. However, some of their cigars are not as appreciated as they should be. The Montecristo No. 5 Cigar is one of them. One of the smallest cigars to ever come from the brand, No. 5 features a Perlas vitola that measures at 102 mm long by a ring gauge of 40. Packed with strong and complex flavours, characteristic of the brand, Montecarlos No. 5 is just the right smoke to puff in between meeting or when the time is of the essence.

VEGAS ROBAINA UNICOS - As we have discussed in our post, Alejandro Robaina: The Godfather of Cuban Tobacco, Vegas Robaina is known for using the finest tobacco leaves in Cuba when manufacturing their cigars. Since its creation, the brand has remained loyal to its standards, always delivering exceptionally made smokes. Often overlooked, the Vegas Robaina Unicos cigar is representative of the brands premium quality and manufacture. Unicos is handmade from tobacco leaves sourced from the San Luis District of the Vuelta Abajo region, known as home to the finest tobacco plantations. Capable of providing the smoker with plenty of strong and interesting aromas, Unicos can easily surpass many Limited Edition or Vintage cigars in both flavour and burnability.

SANCHO PANZA BELICOSOS - Last but certainly not least, the Sancho Panza Belicosos Cigar deserves more hype than it actually gets. The Campanas vitola measures at 140 mm long by a ring gauge of 52 and delivers a medium flavoured profile, typical of Sancho Panza smokes. Due to its size, Belicosos is the perfect cigar to smoke before dinner or for a relaxing evening.

montecristo no 5 cigar and vegas robaina unicos cigar egm cigars

Left: Montecristo No. 5 Cigar, Right: Vegas Robaina Unicos Cigar.

Although popular Cuban sticks deserve all the attention they attract around them, there are a few Cuban Cigars online which are overlooked, despite their wonderful flavours. The above cigars are great examples of these exceptional yet underappreciated smokes, all of which are available for sale in our Cuban Cigar Shop. Dive into the enticing world of Cuban cigars by reading more stories from our Cuban Cigar Blog.

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