Three new Cohiba releases announced at Habanos World Days 2021

Three new Cohiba releases announced at Habanos World Days 2021

Many lovers of Cuban Cigars will have been bitterly disappointed this February to have been forced to miss the annual Habanos festival, a now legendary celebration of the best cigars in the world and a date marked in every aficionado’s diary as when the latest innovations and new cigar releases from Cuba will be announced.  Habanos SA had no desire for this disappointment to last, however, and have evolved the process to match today’s requirements by moving it entirely online, under the new name of Habanos World Days.  2021 is the first iteration and has chosen to focus on the flagship brand: Cohiba.

It is rather fitting that Cohiba is the brand chosen for the first focus.  Not only is it the most premium marca in the portfolio, but 2021 marks the 55th anniversary of its inception, and we are treated to 3 brand-new releases as a result.  All three feature new vitolas for the line and, while 2 are strictly limited editions, one will serve as a new regular production stick for us to enjoy for years to come.  The co-Presidents of Habanos SA, Mr. Inocente Núñez Blanco and Mr. Luis Sánchez-Harguindey Pardo de Vera, took to a live stream on the Habanos World Days official website to make the exciting announcements.

The Cohiba 55 Aniversario Limited Edition cigar

The Cohiba 55 Aniversario will be a very popular cigar.

Cohiba 55 Aniversario

  • The Cohiba 55 Aniversario is the first of the Edicion Limitida cigars for 2021. It is another large format for the Cohiba brand, the same length as the Siglo VI at 150mm but in a thicker 57 ring gauge.  Like all of the Limited Edition series it bears a second band denoting the year of its release but will also be dressed with a third band at the foot commemorating the brand’s latest milestone.  It will be presented in beautifully varnished boxes of 10 and is certain to become instantly collectable.

The Cohiba Ambar, a new release.

A box of 10 Cohiba Ambar will quickly become a regular purchase for fans of the brand.

Cohiba Ambar

  • The Cohiba Ambar is the newest addition to the regular production portfolio of the flagship marca. At 132mm by a generous 53 ring gauge it is another large vitola and will join the Linea Classica.  It features a delicate pigtail cap, like its companions in this line, and will produce the same medium-to-full strength flavour.  This cigar will also be presented in boxes of 10.

 The Cohiba Ideales, part of the exclusive Colección Habanos Book Humidor Series.

This Cohiba book humidor will surely be extremely collectable.

Cohiba Ideales

  • Edition XVIII of the Colección Habanos series could only have been dedicated to Cohiba. This ultra-collectable series of extremely limited book humidors is always extremely sought-after, and this series of 3000 boxes of 20 cigars will most likely become the most prized yet.  The cigars themselves will sport three bands: the traditional Cohiba, a second in honour of the 55th anniversary and a third at the foot signifying their place in the extremely rare Colección Habanos pantheon.  At 56 ring gauge by 175mm, these are imposing cigars – fit for the most opulent of celebrations. 

The Cohiba Ideales Book Humidor

The Colección Habanos Book Humidors are stylish presentations befitting the finest cigars.

The announcements of each year’s new cigars from Habanos SA are always cause for great excitement, but when the most prestigious and premium brand has three new releases itself that excitement is magnified.  EGM Cigars will be bringing these sticks to you as soon as they arrive from Cuba – keep an eye on the site for details, and look out for the full round-up of the inaugural Habanos World Days in the EGM Blog.

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