Montecristo Linea 1935 Price

Montecristo Linea 1935 Price

We’ve just got the Montecristo Linea 1935 Price in and they are incredibly affordable for such premium and highly anticipated cigars. We are one of the very few merchants that have these Cigars online and they can be bought at the very best price through our website.

The world-famous Cigar brand, Montecristo Cuban Cigars presented the phenomenal new line at the 19thth Habanos Festival in Cuba last year. These Linea 1935 Cigars for sale are unlike other Montecristo Cigars and are packed full of tobacco leaves which have full-bodied flavours. Three brand new vitolas complete the Montecristo portfolio (Dumas, Maltes and Leyenda) and all are of incomparable quality and develop the most exquisite flavours.  

The Montecristo Linea 1935 Dumas Cigar for sale is the smallest vitola in the line, measuring at 130mm by a 49 ring gauge. Its vitola is known as a Prominente Corta and one we believe will be a favourite amongst Cigar Aficionados. These are available at an excellent price of CHF 499.00.

Image of a singular Montecristo Linea 1935 Dumas Cigar

Up close and personal with the honey coloured wrapper of the Montecristo Linea 1935 Dumas Cigar. 

The Montecristo Linea 1935 Maltes Cigar for sale takes middle ground and has a fantastic shape known as the Sobresalientes vitola. It measures at a healthy 153mm by a 53 ring gauge. We now stock this much awaited cigar for just CHF 649.00.

Image of the  Montecristo Linea 1935 Maltes Cigar

Each Cuban Cigar features the second band which denotes its Line and Vitola, as seen above on the Montecristo Linea 1935 Maltes Cigar. 

And finally the impressive Montecristo Linea 1935 Leyenda Cigar which shares its longer length and heavy ring gauge with the Montecristo 80 Aniversario Cigar is currently avaialble to buy for only CHF 699.00.

Image of the  Montecristo Linea 1935 Leyenda Cigar

The photo above displays the much anticipated and very beautiful Montecristo Linea 1935 Leyenda Cigar.  

We have only two boxes of each vitola in stock, so we’re warning you now so as to avoid any disappointment, buy these Cuban Cigars online now while stocks last.

If you want to find some more information about the these cigars, see our previous blog post Habanos S.A's Latest Release: Montecristo's Linea 1935 on our Cuban Cigar Blog.

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