Spotlight: Trinidad La Trova LCDH Cigar

Spotlight: Trinidad La Trova LCDH Cigar

The Trinidad La Trova LCDH Cigar

We’ve now started stocking the incredible La Trova Cigar, a recent release from the Trinidad brand exclusively created for La Casa Del Habano Stores. These LCDH Edition Cigars have only just become available to the global market after being showcased in eight stores of several cities in the Asia Pacific Region.


It’s a particular cigar we have been wanting to stock since its presentation at the 19th Habanos Festival in 2017, not only because of it being exclusively made for La Casa Del Habanos Stores, but because of its striking vitola. Known as the Cañonazo Especial vitola, it measures at a very impressive, if a little imposing to a cigar beginner, 166mm in length by a thick ring gauge of 52. This unprecedented vitola has been used only once before by Cohiba Cuban Cigars in the production of their exquisite and highly respected Cohiba 1966 Cigar -Edición Limitada 2011.

Image of the Trinidad La Trova LCDH Cigar

 We think this is one of Trinidad’s most attractive cigars, with its gorgeous Colorado Claro wrapper and expertly crafted pigtail head, it certainly looks like an extraordinary smoke.


Trinidad’s Story

Trinidad Cigars, one of Habanos’s iconic brands, were initially founded in 1969 and were only available to notaries and offered to visiting foreign dignitaries as a gift. In the early years, Trinidad Cigars were the most expensive and exclusive cigars on the market. The Cigar Aficionado, an American Magazine, made waves concerning the iconic brand in the early 90s publishing stories on, how the cigars produced in the brand were first made for Fidel Castro and visitors to the Country and how the Trinidad Cigars were of much better quality than its main competitor, Cohiba Cuban Cigars.


Trinidad Cigars are all handmade with longfiller, using only the finest tobacco leaves from Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo Region in the Pinar del Rio province, famously known for its ability to grow unparalleled tobacco. These specially selected leaves are then hand-rolled by expert torcedores in the Francisco Donatien Factory just down the road from the plantation.


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