Saint Luis Rey Herfing (Ex. Medio Oriente 2018) Available for Sale

Saint Luis Rey Herfing (Ex. Medio Oriente 2018) Available for Sale

The history of Cuban Cigars brands is anything but flat. There are many fascinating stories behind the creation, growth, or heritage of our favourite habano brands, and if you thought that Saint Luis Rey Cigars are any different, guess again. Known for their medium to full flavoured profile, Saint Luis Rey produces some of the most sought after smokes on the market and we are certainly here for it. Handmade using high-quality tobacco leaves from the prominent Vuelta Abajo zone in Cuba, we are excited to finally announce that the Saint Luis Rey Herfing Cigar (Ex. Medio Oriente 2018) is available for sale online.

THE BRAND – A relatively young brand, Saint Luis Rey was founded in 1940 and was registered in Cuba by Zamora y Guerra Co. There are two popular beliefs surrounding the inspiration behind the brand's name. According to the first one, the marca Saint Luis Rey was inspired by the novel of popular American author Thornton Wilder, the Bridge of San Luis Rey, while, some others believe that the brand’s name pays homage to the homonymous Cuban city. Nevertheless, the brand was instantly recognised and appreciated by experienced Cuban smokers for the quality of their products as much as the image associated with the brand. Saint Luis Rey witnessed its most glorious days during the Formula One Grand Prix held in the Cuban capital in the second half of the 1900s, with successful drivers, such as Juan Manuel Fangio, becoming big fans of the brand’s Cuban Cigars Online.


HERFING – The brands latest release, the Saint Luis Rey Herfing Cigar (Ex. Medio Oriente 2018) is part of 2018’s Regional Editions and was first introduced to the audience during a glamorous release party held in Limassol, Cyprus a few months ago. The party attended government officials, members of the Phoenicia Trading board – the official habanos distributor for the Middle East – and a small crowd of Cypriot cigar lovers while amongst the highlights of the night was a 3-D holographic projection of the cigar, a first for the cigar industry according to Phoenicia.

After the Bolivar Double Coronas, the Saint Luis Rey Herfing Cigar (Ex. Medio Orient 2018) is the second smoke to carry the Medio Orient band. Measuring at 140 mm long by a ring gauge of 54, Herfing delivers plentiful of strong and complex aromas, characteristic of the brand’s typical medium to full flavoured profile. Herfing is presented in Boite Nature Box, containing a total of 10 cigars each.

Coming in a very popular size, the Duke vitola has been showing up in several new cigars. Amongst them is the first Limited Edition release for 2018, the Bolivar Soberanos. Measuring at 140 mm in length by a 54 ring gauge, the Bolivar Soberanos Cigar Edicion Limitada 2018 is handmade using tobacco leaves from Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo region while it is capable of producing plenty of full and distinctive flavours. Coming in the same size, the Partagas Serie E No. 2 Cigar is one of the largest smokes in the cigar industry. The Duke vitola measures at 140 mm long by a ring gauge of 54 and provides the smoker with rich, aromatic yet strong flavours, typical of Partagas Cigars.

Saint Luis Rey Herfing (Ex. Medio Oriente 2018) bolivar soberanos edicion limitada 2018 partagas serie e no 2 EGM Cigars

Left: Saint Luis Rey Herfing Cigar (Ex. Medio Orient 2018), Top Right: Bolivar Soberanos Cigar Edicion Limitada 2018, Bottom Right: Partagas Serie E No.2 Cigar

Known for creating high quality smokes since 1940, Saint Luis Rey never disappoints when it comes to producing exceptional Cuban Cigars for Sale Online. The Saint Luis Rey Herfing cigar is already flying off the shelves so be quick and secure your box now. Make sure to read more from our Cuban Cigars Blog and learn everything there is to know about the cigar world.

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