Romeo y Julieta Romeo No 3 Cigar Review

Romeo y Julieta Romeo No 3 Cigar Review

by Nick Hendry

We have often spoken, here at the EGM Blog, about the virtues of having a quick Cuban cigar break in the middle of a busy day, and of the small-vitola sticks which allow it.  What we mention less often is the convenience offered when these cigars are presented in aluminium tubos.  Of course there are some very stylish and elegant cigar cases out there to protect our selections when on the move, but if we know we’re only out for a while and that smoking time will be limited they can prove a touch bulky.  Thankfully, single-stick tubes are available to slip into the pocket of a jacket without ruining the line of it or taking up too much space – one such stick, in a perfect vitola for a time-limited smoke, is the Romeo y Julieta Romeo No 3.

The 4 ⅝ inch length by 40 ring gauge of the Romeo No 3 means it will smoke for about 20 minutes, and the handsome white tube it comes in will protect the wrapper from damage while in your pocket.  Perfect, then, for an al fresco coffee break on a spring afternoon.

The Tubo of the Romeo No 3

Construction: 8/10

  • The wrapper was an attractive colorado claro shade, but with a slightly rough grain to it.

Draw: 10/10

  • Flawless, from first puff to last.

Combustion: 8/10

  • A slight wobble around the middle third which I had to touch up with a lighter, but generally a slow, straight smoulder.

Ash: 4/5

  • Silvery-grey, speckled with crystals from the oil in the wrapper leaf, but a touch flaky.

Romeo y Julieta Romeo No 3 Ash

Smoke: 5/5

  • Every puff gave plenty of smoke, the amount made even more impressive by the relatively small amount of tobacco used for such a slim vitola.

Flavour: 20/25

  • Bright and fresh flavours for the majority of the time, and a decidedly medium body and strength the whole way through. The notes paired well with my coffee, and strengthened the case for this as a lunch-break smoke.

Overall: 30/35

  • This vitola has been part of the Romeo y Julieta line for well over 60 years, and it’s still a great choice for during the day. It may not have been the most spectacular cigar I ever smoked, but it performed solidly and provided plenty of enjoyment for a quick break.

Romeo y Julieta Romeo No 3

Final Score: 85/100

  • We are coming into the time of year where we are able to spend more and more time outside, so naturally our cigar consumption will increase accordingly. As I took the first puff from this Romeo No 3, alongside a rich and dark espresso, I detected distinct cedar notes.  These were very clear and noticeable from the outset, but underpinned by a vanilla cream that offset both the cedar and the coffee beautifully.  The cream and cedar both melted away as the cigar burned on, replaced by warm earth and a coffee flavour very close to the one I was drinking.  The body of the smoke increased into the second half of the cigar, bringing a rich and luxurious mouthfeel.  The note in the final third was one often overlooked in my reviews, but still extremely pleasing: pure toasted tobacco.  It took me back to the filter-less Lucky Strike of my (possibly mis-spent) youth, and was a welcome end to the experience.

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