Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill Cigar Review

Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill Cigar Review

by Nick Hendry

Romeo y Julieta have been producing Cuban cigars since the mid-1850s, and have had a vitola named after their most famous devotee since the 1950s.  Such was the regard for Winston Churchill in the cigar world that innumerable brands now offer a product which bears his name, but it is the Romeo y Julieta version we most closely associate with the man himself – they were, after all, his own brand of choice.  Since the turn of the millennium 3 smaller iterations have joined the original, fairly imposing, Julieta No. 2 size in the portfolio – the most diminutive, and most recent, of these additions is the Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill.

The Petit Churchill measures a mere 4 inches long by 50 ring gauge, smokes for about 30 minutes and produces the medium-strength smoke the brand is famous for. It is a fine introduction to Romeo y Julieta for the newcomer, as well as being an excellent go-to for those familiar with the brand but perhaps short on time.

Construction: 8/10

  • A rough grain to the wrapper and a couple of spots which felt a touch firm when squeezed were not the ideal first impression, but the colorado hue of the outer leaf was an appealing sight.

Draw: 10/10

  • Thankfully, those firm spots to the body did not translate to a plugged cigar, and the smoke flowed well the whole time.

Combustion: 7/10

  • The burn line took on a steep angle almost immediately, and kept it for around the first inch. This had no effect on enjoyment, and was back to normal by the middle of the cigar with no assistance.

Solid ash on the tip of the Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill

Solid ash at the tip of the cigar

Ash: 4/5

  • Firm and compact, able to hang to the end of the cigar for a good while. A fairly dark grey colour, occasionally almost black.

Smoke: 4/5

  • A good amount of smoke, but lacking a bit of the aroma which would have made it perfect.

Flavour: 21/25

  • Although a shorter cigar, this stick was definitely not short on flavours. Distinct changes to each third, and a fairly wide range of notes, made for a thoroughly enjoyable half-hour.

Overall: 30/35

  • Construction and burn may have let this particular example down ever so slightly, but flavour did not, and the small issues it faced did not dramatically detract from the overall experience. The Petit Churchill is a cigar I have enjoyed, and recommended, many times before – it will continue to be after this latest example.

A second gold cigar band on the Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill


A second cigar band in gold is the hallmark of the Churchill series

Overall: 84/100

  • As I have come to expect from the Petit Churchill, the first puff from the cigar delivered creamy smoke laced with cedar sweetness. A thick mouthfeel seemed to coat the palette after the smoke had gone, with the slightest touch of raw espresso to the aftertaste.  This coffee note came more to the fore as the middle third began to develop, the initial creaminess lightening and being replaced by hazel and walnut flavours.  As the cigar moved into the final third the sweet cedar returned to replace the nutty notes, black pepper spice began to tingle the tongue on the aftertaste and a warmer character to the smoke developed.  A delicious short smoke for these more chilly afternoons and evenings.


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