Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas Review

Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas Review

By Nick Hendry

When the weather is as cold as it is in Europe right now, the Cuban cigars we smoke outside tend to be smaller.  While the afternoon sun may, in some parts, give enough respite for a longer smoke, the evenings after dinner can be sub-zero.  Only the hardiest, or foolhardiest, of aficionados will sit in such conditions for the 2 hours it takes to get through a Behike, and even then the battle against the chill can severely reduce the enjoyment of what should be a magnificent cigar.  Luckily, there are more than a few cigars on the market which offer a combination of powerful flavours – strong enough to follow even the richest of meals – with smoking times short enough to not result in frostbite.  One such stick is the Ramon Allones Small Club Corona.

Small Club Coronas have been around since before the days of Castro, and are the perfect balance of body and brevity.  The 42 ring gauge by 4 ⅜ inch Minutos shape will last only around 25-30 minutes, but the full strength of the Ramon Allones blend is evident throughout.

Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas Cigar Band

Construction: 8/10

  • There was a slight roughness to the wrapper, and a blemish or 2 around the cap, but the fill was even and no hard spots were felt to the touch.

Draw: 10/10

  • Each puff provided plenty of smoke with absolutely no effort required at all.

Combustion: 9/10

  • The burn remained constant throughout, a slight touch of sideways to the end of the first third, but nothing too dramatic.

Ash: 4/5

  • Almost flawless through the first half of the stick, but became flaky towards the end.

Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas Ash

Smoke: 5/5

  • Magnificent plumes from start to finish, thick and aromatic.

Flavour: 22/25

  • Ramon Allones is known for power and richness, and this Small Club Corona loved up to billing. It stood up well to a strong black coffee, and would pair equally well with a brandy or sherry-cask whisky.

Overall: 31/35

  • One of the most popular Cuban brands outside the “Big 6”, Ramon Allones has become so sought-after for regional and special editions that the regular line can be overlooked. This is a shame, as they are some of the finest cigars Havana offers.  This short format is a fine expression of the blend, and one that would do well in any collection of winter smokes.

Final Score: 89/100

  • Upon lighting the Small Club Corona I felt an instant tingle of black pepper on my palette, warming the tongue and setting the scene for the rest of the smoke. Through the first third this spice was the foil to rich roasted coffee, and ever so slightly offset by occasional pangs of cedar sweetness.  The middle third saw the pepper die down and the cedar disappear, with both replaced by a pungent and unmistakeable dark chocolate note.  This cocoa flavour was to remain for the rest of the experience, with the final third ushering in the return of pepper and coffee as its companions.  A fantastic blast of flavours to light up a frosty winter’s evening.

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