The Impeccable H. Upmann Propios EL 2018

The Impeccable H. Upmann Propios EL 2018


The highly-acclaimed H. Upmann Propios EL 2018 is finally on our shelves! Part of Habanos S.A’s ‘Limited Edition Cigar of the Year’ in 2018 – we are delighted to have it as part of our range of premium Cuban Cigars. It is the fifth-time H. Upmann was selected by Habanos S.A. to be part of the prestigious Edicion Limitada series, with the last release being in 2015. Though Habanos S.A. typically releases Edicion Limitadas in the year they are announced, the Propios actually arrived at the La Casa del Habano stores at the end of 2019. Despite this, the Propios continues to be a highly sought-after cigar among many aficionados hoping to increase their collection of exclusive smokes.

Beautifully presented in a varnished, wooden box of 25 — the cigar features the rare Mareva Gruesa (or Corona Extra) vitola — a unique format that isn’t commonly found among many Cuban cigars. Each stick of H. Upmann Propios displays the brand’s iconic red and gold ‘anilla’ (Spanish for 'band'), as well as a second black and gold anilla to indicate its limited-edition status. If you would like to find out more cigar-related terms, then do head over to our Cigar Glossary.

H. Upmann Propios EL 2018 Cigar

Measuring at 120 mm by 46 ring gauge, this Limited Edition Cigar is characterised by a complex yet well-balanced aroma that provides delicious notes of cedar and pepper. The cigar is completely constructed with the finest long-filler tobacco sourced from the prestigious Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba, an area known to be the best soil to cultivate tobacco. Therefore, it's no surprise that this cigar will taste phenomenal! Aged for a minimum of two years, the Proprios, despite its relatively young age, can provide excellent smoke, as well as fantastic ageing potential.

The H. Upmann Cigars brand is a legendary name in the world of Habanos, first established in in 1844, it has become a favourite brand among many cigar-enthusiasts, including the presidential figure John F. Kennedy.  With the Propios cigar being the latest limited edition from the brand, we're sure that many of you aficionados are excited to try this exclusive. 

With all of that said, the H. Upmann Propios EL 2018 makes for a fantastic smoke for special occasions, or for times when you need to wind down and relax. We've got a few boxes and singles now available for purchase on our EGM cigar site, Grab them while you can!



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