Our Top Tips for the Rookie Cigar Smoker

Our Top Tips for the Rookie Cigar Smoker

We’ve all been there and were once a rookie ourselves. It’s never easy being a beginner in something, with the worry that you won’t fit in and feeling intimidated by those that are experts in that field. But what you mustn’t forget is that sometimes the most enjoyable thing is the journey and the one to aficionado is one of the most rewarding of all.  So purchase any of our cigars online and use these tips to take that one step closer to the finishing line. 



In our opinion the best cigar to choose would be one that is light to medium, with body and decent flavours. Obviously, you will want to smoke a premium cigar, like any of the Cuban cigars for sale on our website. And you will also want to ensure that they are firm from the cap to the foot. This inspection will denote its combustibility and allows you to make sure there are no plugs - which will affect its draw. Read our Cuban cigar blog post, which tells you the Best Cuban Cigars for beginners, or for quick reference we can confidently recommend the Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto cigar for sale on our website.



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So as to not burn the tobacco leaves to a crisp, which will desecrate the flavours of the cigar. You need to lightly toast it. Think of it like a marshmallow, because just as a marshmallow will taste burnt if you light it with the flame, so will a cigar. Therefore, the best thing to do is to take the cigar in your hand and hold it above, around 5-10cm away from the flame. Slowly rotate the cigar between your fingertips so as to allow for an even burn. Then you will hold the cigar, placing your fingers on the band to give yourself a good handle. Place the cigar into your mouth and puff whilst rotating by 360 degrees, always ensuring the flame does not touch the cigar.



Special measures must be taken when taking care of your premium cigars. We recommend purchasing a humidor, like our Davidoff Office Humidor- Macassar Palladium. It has an in-built humidifying system, which will keep your cigars at the optimum humidity levels of 65-70% and at 16-18 degrees Celsius.  If you want to be an expert in humidifying your cigars, see our blog post The Ultimate Guide to Humidors.



The basic tools you will need to enjoy smoking cigars do not need to be extensive or expensive. Sometimes we can all get a little caught up in the materialism of life and spend money frivolously on toys for our cigars. We have an excellent selection of acceImage of MaxiJet S. T. Dupont Cigar Cutter- Chrome Greyssories to accommodate for the economical and the extravagant smoker.  Essentially, to smoke a cigar you only need a cigar cutter and cigar lighter. We recommend making sure you purchase quality accessories to reduce the risk of damaging your cigars, which is why we stock state of the art products which delivery every time. Our favourites are the Le Grand St Dupont Lighter- Black and MaxiJet S. T. Dupont Cigar Cutter- Chrome Grey.


We hope that has made you feel less intimidated to start smoking cigars and given you a better understanding of how to approach it. Never fear though, any cigar smoker will be happy to help or assist you whenever and wherever possible, just don’t be afraid to ask!

Ask us any questions in the comments section below and be sure to shop our cigars for sale for the very best first smoke.

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