New Stock: Andorra Regional Edition Cigars

New Stock: Andorra Regional Edition Cigars

The Vegas Robaina Short Robaina Cigar (Ex. Andorra 2014)



Nestled in between Spain and France, the mountainous Andorra has one of the smallest populations on earth, but produces an extensive quality of tobacco. Two of our newly stocked Cuban cigars online were released exclusively to the country, and now we have a limited number of boxes for you to own. 

VEGAS ROBAINA SHORT ROBAINA CIGAR (Ex. ANDORRA 2014) – This petit corona is layered in appetising flavour, from the vanilla, cinnamon and earth wrapper, to the leather, cedar and dark chocolate tasted throughout the cigar’s different thirds – chocolate and espresso fusing towards the end. The 110mm length and 42 ring gauge creates a medium to full strength, which is what Vegas Robaina Cigars are classically known for. The brand is named after legendary Havana tobacco farmer Alejandro Robaina, and pays homage to all the self-employed farmers in Cuba who work diligently to produce tobacco. 25 cigars are presented in each exquisitely decorated dress box, with only 2,000 boxes ever being released. Your humidor will stock one of the rarest habanos, if you added a Vegas Robaina Short Robaina Cigar to your collection. 

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Left and Top: Bolivar Short Bolivar Cigar (Ex. Andorra 2017), Bottom and Right: Vegas Robaina Short Robaina Cigar (Ex. Andorra 2014


BOLIVAR SHORT BOLIVAR CIGAR (Ex. ANDORRA 2017) – Bolivar Cigars are recognised for possessing a unique and powerful flavour, which helps represent Simon Bolivar (South American revolutionary) strength and courage. The brand takes its name from him and was created in 1902. Although in 2008, there was a Bolivar Short Bolivar released in the Asia Pacific region, the two cigars are entirely different. The 2017 Bolivar Short Bolivar Cigar is 102mm long and by a 50 ring gauge. The flavour is a deluxe sensation of nutty, leather and coffee, with dark chocolate sweetly becoming paramount as you near the end. Spice can be noted throughout. Just 3,000 boxes have been crafted, with 20 cigars in each. This means only 60,000 of the cigars across the world can ever be smoked.

"a dream for many cigar aficionados"

WHY BUY REGIONAL EDITION? – In 2005, Habanos SA created Regional Edition Cigars. Distributed specifically and exclusively to certain places and countries, regional editions are often created in sizes not normally associated with certain brands and are cased in numbered boxes. All regional editions contain a second band which states it’s a regional edition, as well as showing the area for which the cigars were made for. With only a limited number of the already unique Cuban cigars being available, to own such a special and exclusive habano is a dream for many cigar aficonados. Regional Editions are purchased fairly quickly, as they emphasise the luxury and indulgence of cigar smoking in general. We strongly advise you do not delay in ordering.

OTHER REGIONAL EDITION CIGARS – If you love Bolivar Cigars, the Bolivar Lusiadas Cigar (Ex. Portugal 2017) has the full flavour linked to the brand and measures a fie 137mm by 48 ring gauge. The Juan Lopez Seleccion Superba Cigar (Ex. Great Britain) also has a full flavour and thick 54 ring gauge and 149mm length. Our cigars for sale online are all at competitive prices, and we source purely from official Habanos SA importers.

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