New Edicion Regional: The La Gloria Cubana Invictos Cigar (Ex. Italia 2018)

New Edicion Regional: The La Gloria Cubana Invictos Cigar (Ex. Italia 2018)

La Gloria Cubana holds a strong reputation on producing some of the greatest Cuban Cigars Online. Sourcing its tobacco from the prominent Vuelta Abajo region – the brand creates handmade Habanos that guarantee an exceptional smoke for every cigar aficionado. Exclusively crafted for the Italian market, the La Gloria Cubana Invictos Cigar (Ex. Italia 2018) is launching on March 9th and we couldn’t be more excited about it.


THE LAUNCH - Featuring one of the most favourite vitolas amongst cigar smokers - the Robustos, the La Gloria Cubana Invictos Cigar (Ex. Italia 2018) measures at 124 mm length by a ring gauge of 50. Typical of the brand, this puro has a medium flavoured profile and is capable of producing well-balanced yet distinctive aromas. A puro that you should not miss out. Pre-order your La Gloria Cuban Invictos Cigars now and secure your box! Shipping starts on the 9th of March, after the cigars launch party which will take place in Brescia, Italy.

THE BRAND - A small yet very much popular brand, La Gloria Cubana has created some of the most adored Regional Editions smokes on the market. A collector’s item, the La Gloria Cubana Paraiso Cigar (Ex. Caribe 2014) offers a smooth yet spicy profile that satisfies even the most demanding cigar smokers. Being the brands first Regional Editions, this cigar represents La Gloria Cubana's exquisite craftsmanship. Another Edicion Regionals puro but this time created specifically for the Spanish market, the La Gloria Cubana Serie D No.5 Cigar (Ex. Espana 2017) has been one of the most anticipated releases back in the day. Featuring a Petit Robusto vitola, the Serie D No.5 puro measures at 110 mm with a 50 ring gauge – a small yet powerful smoke. Last but certainly not least, the La Gloria Cubana Orgullosos Cigar (Ex. Suiza 2018) is one the most unique and luxurious pieces from our selection of Habanos. An exquisitely made puro that is typically full-bodied and capable of producing medium yet well-balanced flavours.

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With orders already coming in, make sure to secure your box of these excellent Cuban Cigars while they are still available. Why not learn more about Habanos from our latest articles?

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