New Collection: Single Cigars Online Now!

New Collection: Single Cigars Online Now!

We’ve just added a brand collection to our website and we think you’re going to love it! We now stock single cigars, including some of the most popular and highly coveted cigars on the market today.

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Our latest collection, Single Cigars, contains a superb selection of cigars. It gives beginners the opportunity to start their own collection of cigars and aficionados the chance to add to an existing one.

Our collection has been handpicked to ensure that every smoker can find something that suits their taste. Meaning that a mixture of light, medium and full flavoured cigars can be bought and shoppers can create a bespoke collection of their own.  

What can you expect in the new collection?

 Here’s a taster of the types of cigars available to buy as single sticks:

Cohiba Talisman Edicion Limitada Cigar for sale online

We think this cigar might be the most popular from the collection. As a Limited Edition, it will have already pricked the ears of aficionados all over the world, but it’s also a Cohiba making the smiles on every smoker a little wider.


Partagas Serie D No.4 Cigar prices online

This cigar is one of the most affordable cigars online, but one not to be overlooked. A prime example of Cuban craftsmanship and ingredients at its very best. It’s vitola is the much adored Robusto, which measures 124mm by a 50 ring gauge.


Romeo y Julieta Churchills AT cigar prices online

An absolute classic, it simply had to be sold as a single cigar. We expect these to be flying off the shelves as everyone wants a taste of the cigar named after Winston Churchill.

Trinidad La Trova Cigar prices online

Constructed using the finest tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region and rolled into this unique format featuring the 'pigtail' cap. 


Why Buy Single Cigars?

Beginner Smokers

Single Cigars are perfect for beginner smokers, as it gives them the chance to see if they enjoy the hobby of smoking. Once they realise they do, which is inevitable, they are able to purchase various other single cigars online to figure out what flavours and profiles they like and truly hone in on their personal preferences.


This very same notion goes for those that have been smoking for a while and have an existing collection of Cuban cigars. By purchasing single cigars an aficionado is able to spend smaller amounts of money trying before buying. This way the smoker can discover unknown brands and unique vitolas, developing his or her understanding of the Habanos.


As we mentioned in a previous post on our Cuban Cigar Blog, cigars make for excellent gifts. Obviously your friend would very much love a box of Cohiba Behike’s for their birthday, or your cousin would love to receive a dozen Romeo y Julieta cigars as a wedding gift, but sometimes even the smallest gift can mean the most. Particularly when you have taken the time out to think about which cigar they would really enjoy. What’s more you could even create a bespoke collection, purchasing several single cigars with one of our beautiful cigar cases to really make their day special.

Potential Habanosommeliers

After spending some time with winners of the Habanosommelier competition, including Darius Namdar and Felipe Bruja Ronas, we realise that to be a successful sommelier of the Habanos, not only do you have to be incredibly charming, but you must also have an extensive knowledge of Cuban cigars. Therefore, anyone hoping to enter the competition next year would benefit greatly from this service as it would mean that they can sample, study and smoke a number of cigars, developing their understanding of different Cuban brands and master the different sizes of the wide-range of vitolas.

We hope this new collection makes it easier for you buy cigars online and adds more depth to your collection and understanding of Cuban cigars.

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