How to Get Rid Off Cigar Odour

How to Get Rid Off Cigar Odour

In life, many pleasurable experiences come with unsatisfying aftermaths. This can be the case with your smokes too. Before you rush to disagree that this doesn't make any sense, keep reading and all will be clear soon.

Like any aficionado, you probably enjoy the scent of your Cigar as it unveils itself around you, puff after puff; but you, your friends, or partner are definitely not big fans of its staining odour in your clothes, car, or home. Fear not, fellow aficionado, we are here to save the day! With the help of cigar expert, Michael Herklots, today we offer you the best tips to help you get rid of that dreadful after-smoke scent from your garments, car, and house.


CLOTHING - All types of clothing are porous; which simply mean that they can easily attract a certain smell which will eventually stain your garments. However, no matter how great of a smoker you are and how much you enjoy the aromas of a Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos, you don't want your linens and shirts carrying around the powerful smell of smoke throughout the day.

First thing you will need is a garment brush, and by garment brush, we mean the real deal and not the one you got from the local drugstore to remove the lint off your sweater and knits. Next thing you will need to help you remove the cigar stain of your clothes is a steamer. Again, not the steam function of your iron, but a real steamer. Trust us, this will all make sense in the end.

Start by hanging your garment out in the fresh air. A covered outdoor safe place would be ideal for this process. Then begin by brushing your pieces from the top all the way to bottom. The brush will remove any ashes, dirt, or dust that stain your garments. Once you have finished brushing, steam your pieces meticulously and continue by brushing them once again, just to make sure that everything adding any unpleasant odour is removed. Leave your garment to breath overnight and you are all ready to go again. Your pieces will smell and feel brand new.

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Steam all your garments thoroughly to make sure that they do not have any unattractive smell.


CAR - Although not as porous as clothing, your car's seats can absorb the odour of your smoke as well. Only, in that case, a brush and a steamer won't have any effect on getting rid off the smell. You need to dive deeper and make a greater effort to refresh the smell of your car's seats and bring them back to their original state.

For cloth seats, the process is much easier. All you will need is dryer sheets. Wipe the seats with your dryer sheets to remove any unpleasurable smell and rejuvenate the aroma in your car. Also, you can place the dryer sheets underneath your seats for more efficient results. The other way to remove the smoke odour from your car is with the use of cinnamon. Although this technique is more complicated, it has a 100% success rate. Begin with placing cinnamon inside a small pot and boil it for 5 minutes. Next, transfer the mixture to your car with the use of a travel mug and leave it there for a while, with your car's windows all shut. Once the mixture returns to room temperature you can then remove it from your car and let the inside breath for a few minutes. Cigar odour or any other unattractive smell will become an old memory and the inside of your vehicle will smell fresh and clean.


HOUSE - Will you cook fish in your kitchen? Your house will smell like fish. Will you light a candle in your living room? Your house will carry the candle odour. Will you smoke the Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleurs Cigar inside? Your house will smell like your smoke. Sometimes you can't escape the smell lingering inside your own house, but you can certainly do something to make it go away.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when smoking is exhaust. The room you enjoy your Partagas Chicos needs to ventilate. Open two windows or turn on an exhaust fan while you are performing your right as a cigar smoker. That will certainly help with the intensity of the cigar odour staining your house. The next step is to clean the air by filtration. Once you have finished your cigar, leave on an ionizer to do all the dirty work and refresh the room's atmosphere. The third step is to light a candle. Believe it or not, the aromas of a candle can have a great impact on removing the scent of smoke from your lounge area. Last but not least, remove anything that attracts the cigar aroma to stay; that could be cigar ash, cigar butts, etc. This step is extremely important, not just for the odour, but for your hygiene too.

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Always remember to leave two windows open while smoking your favourite Limited Edition smoke for cross ventilation.

Although smoking Cuban Cigars is a true celebration of the senses, its staining odour is not as pleasant as the smoking experience itself. As we have discussed above, there are certain steps to follow that can help you get rid off the lingering smell of the smoke from your garments, car, and house. Did you find this interesting? Learn everything there is to know about the cigar world from our Cuban Cigar Blog:

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