Heavenly Havana

Heavenly Havana

By Rikesh Chauhan

There’s just something different about the air in Havana. The connotations associated with the capital, and Cuba on the whole, have never really done it justice, no matter how superlative the superlatives may be. Things are just better. Smoking a cigar becomes one of the most transcendent of experiences. It’s hard to really explain until you’ve actually sat on a rooftop or balcony overlooking the bustling, vibrant city, the calm of the waters not too far in the distance, smoking your favourite Cuban cigar. In our bid to continuously bring the world as close to Havana as possible, we collaborated with a new team of artists that have made Cuba their own.

Ivan and Selene in Havana, Cuba.

Cuban cigars available on EGM Cigars

Ivan and Selene in Havana, Cuba.

Quai d'Orsay

Selene and Ivan enjoying some fine Cuban cigars in Havana, available now

Titina Style has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses who have chosen Havana as the set for their global campaigns. A photographer with an eye for detail and passion for bold, striking colours and imagery, Titina was a natural choice to showcase some of our favourite Cuban cigars now available to purchase here. Alongside Titina is producer Karla Batte, the Havana representative for 7 Seas Production, a French production house who were responsible for, amongst other things, Holiday Magazine’s photoshoot for their Cuba issue. The models we worked with Selene Dominguez and Ivan Bormey, with hair and make-up by Pavel Marrero.

Lady in red

Selene Dominguez in Havana

The finest Cuban cigars available on EGM

The gold standard, Por Larrañaga cigars on EGM

Selene and Ivan in Havana, smoking some of our favourite Cubans

Photography by Titina Style
Production by Karla Batte
Hair & Make-Up by Pavel Marrero
Models Selene Dominguez and Ivan Bormey

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