Fonseca Delicias Cigar Review

Fonseca Delicias Cigar Review

By Nick Hendry

The Fonseca Delicias is a Cuban Cigar that can easily be overlooked by aficionados hunting for something new to try.  It is small, inexpensive and produced by a marca which is neither well-known nor extensively promoted by Habanos SA.  This is a shame, because it is an attractive cigar – presented in delicate tissue wrap, as all Fonseca cigars are – as well as being a flavoursome, light smoke that will suit any time of day.

Don Francisco Fonseca was a man who prized elegance and appearance and, when he started his cigar manufacture in the 1890s, insisted each stick that bore his name be as well-dressed as he was.  Today the tradition he began of covering every cigar in tissue paper to protect the wrapper and give an extra aesthetic of luxury remains, but does not come with a large luxury price tag.  Fonseca cigars are among the most affordable of the Cuban portfolio, offering light strength and excellent flavours.  The Delicia measures 4 7/8 inches by 40 ring gauge, will be enjoyed for around 30 minutes, and form part of the Everyday Smokes Collection from EGM Cigars.

The Fonseca Delicias Cuban Cigar with its tissue wrapper

The tissue covering of this cigar is a beautiful aesthetic touch.

Construction: 9/10

  • Upon removing the protective tissue sheath, this cigar displayed a fairly rustic grain to the colorado wrapper. The fill was generous and even, and no marks or blemishes to be seen

Draw: 10/10

  • A gentle, easy draw throughout the smoke, with no sign of being plugged at all. A pleasure to enjoy.

Combustion: 8/10

  • The burn line was a touch irregular at times, favouring first one side, then the other. This did not impair the experience, and corrected itself naturally.

The ash on the Fonseca Delicias was a pleasing silvery-grey colour

Light silvery ash on the end of the cigar

Ash: 4/5

  • Silvery-grey, as opposed to fully white, and dropped off around every centimetre or so. A bit more solidity would have been desirable.

Smoke: 5/5

  • Plentiful, and aromatic. The smoke flowed freely from both ends of the stick with the greatest of ease.

Flavour: 20/25

  • The body was light, as promised by the brand, and flavours were bright and pleasing. Notes sweetness and spice alternated through each third, with a slight intensification towards the end.  Perhaps not as complex as other cigars, but thoroughly enjoyable. 

Overall: 30/35

  • This was my first experience of this cigar, and of a brand I have long intended to try. The tissue presentation may seem extraneous, but to me adds a certain romance to the aesthetic as well as the practical benefits of protecting the wrapper.  The flavours remained fairly consistent throughout; not much in the way of development, but the ideal lightness for the sunny afternoon on which I enjoyed it.

This was a pleasing introduction for me to the Fonseca Delicias

There is a classic elegance to the presentation of Fonseca cigars.

Final Score: 86/100

  • The Fonseca line is one many cigar smokers – including myself – would do well to revisit, or indeed discover. The price point and vitolas make them ideal for the beginner, or for occasions where a large group of guests will be offered a cigar, some of whom may not be regular smokers.  The first third of this stick was full of butter and biscuit notes, with a doughy sweetness alongside.  This prevailed through the middle third, complemented by mild nutmeg spice, giving a notion of shortbread to the whole experience.  The final third of the cigar saw a gentle increase of body and warming of flavours, but still within what I would consider light and mild.  A gentle touch of pepper appeared as the cigar came to an end, rounding off an excellent introduction to Fonseca for me.

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