Cigars in Movies: A Powerful Prop

Cigars in Movies: A Powerful Prop

The use of Cuban cigars in movies is never-ending! There are plenty of iconic scenes and characters in Hollywood that have involved the great commodity. Although it’s more than just a prop – with its never-ending list of connotations, they provide a deeper meaning to the viewers. The media take hold of the ideologies people place on the world of cigars and use them to create a picture. It seems that placing a good old smoke in an actor’s hand greats a whole new persona for their character, whether it’s power or danger – or another one of the common themes associated with cigars. So, for today let’s take a trip to Planet Hollywood and explore the connotations attached to cigars and the power they hold on the big screen. 

Al Pacino Smoking a Cigar. EGM Cigars

Al Pacino Sparking Up a Smoke.


POWER PROP – Cigars have been the ultimate symbol of power for decades! With many brands such as Cohiba Cigars originally being created purely for the enjoyment of those in power – they firmly established their place on a pedestal. There were times when they were completely exclusive to people of high diplomatic status. Take the Trinidad Funadores Cigar for example – it was created as a gift for political leader Fidel Castro and remained unavailable to the public for years. They symbolise someone’s status in an instance and this is certainly used as a way of harnessing a character’s power in a film. Think about the classic Mafia films ‘Scarface’, ‘The Untouchables’ – the list goes on. You’ll always spot a cigar – the Mafia and Cigars sort of go hand-in-hand in movies. Why? It perfectly portrays the sense of power these mobster characters have.

Brian Cox as Winston Churchill. EGM Cigars

Brian Cox as Winston Churchill.


ICONIC IMAGE – There are many famous cigar smokers and some of which are so iconic there are films all about them! Let’s look at the avid Romeo y Julieta Cigars fan and the inspiration behind the classic Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigar – Winston Churchill. He left a giant footprint in history and is recognised as a cigar-smoking icon in the world of Habanos. So, there’s no wonder he’s appeared in many films! When it comes to people like Churchill, who were barely seen without a stogie by his side – a cigar will inevitably make an appearance in the film. It’s an integral part of their image and therefore a must-have part of the character’s costume. 

Gordan Gekko in Wall Street. EGM Cigars

Michael Douglas as Gordan Gekko in Wall Street.


SERIOUS BUSINESS – Now on to the Hollywood version of the corporate industry. Cigars commonly appear in films focused around successful businessmen and the white-collar world, which is not surprising considering the history behind cigars and businessmen. Since cigars have this luxury tag – they’ve become the penultimate symbol of business success. In films like ‘Wall Street’, this association helped portray the character Gordan Gekko as the self-satisfied persona.


EMBLEM OF REBELLION – There’s a clear portrayal of smoking to be rebellious, in the entertainment industry. It’s often looked at as a taboo subject and we are generally taught to stay away from it from a young age. This means naturally it tends to give the characters a rebellious image, as they’re breaking the ‘norm’. 

That’s some of the most common symbols cigars are used for in movies – as you can see it’s more than just a prop. It provides a deeper insight into the persona of each character at one glance! We’re sure all this talk about smokes is driving your cigar palate crazy – so head over to our Cuban cigar shop to browse a wide selection of Cuban cigars online. Not sure which ones to pick? Check out our Cuban cigar blog for some top picks: 

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