Ramon Allones Noellas Regional Edition for Italy, finally announced

Ramon Allones Noellas Regional Edition for Italy, finally announced

Every year devotees of Cuban Cigars around the world keenly seek out rare and collectable cigars for Habanos SA’s successful Edición Regional programme.  Since 2005 distributors around the world have been invited to suggest new vitolas for lesser-known brands and have them specially rolled in Cuba for release only in their jurisdiction.  Some fantastic cigars have been introduced to the world thanks to this initiative – the popular Punch ManTua and the supremely elegant El Rey del Mundo La Reina are just 2 of the recent triumphs of the range. 

As is often the case with all Cuban releases, products intended for a particular year can often appear later than planned.  These issues were magnified by the events of 2020 but we can finally reveal, thanks to Halfwheel and with images courtesy of Italian distributor Diadema SPA, details of one of the new vitolas making their way to our collections in the coming weeks: the Ramon Allones Noellas.

Ramon Allones Noellas Regional Edition for Italy

The Ramon Allones Noellas Jar comes in the traditional gloss laminated square packaging.


There are a few rules around the selection of brands and vitolas for the regional edition scheme: the biggest names are off-limits and the size and shape must be one not usually seen from the chosen marca.  The popularity of Ramon Allones among aficionados in general make it a popular choice for these exclusive productions, often seeing 3 or 4 releases in a single year.  Some, like the legendary Hunter’s & Frankau anniversary humidor, have gone on to be extraordinarily desirable, often as a result of unusual and attractive packaging.  The Noellas fall neatly into this category, presented in a beautiful, cedar-lined glass jar containing 25 cigars.

A beautiful Ramon Allones Noellas Jar

The presentation of the Ramon Allones Noellas in a beautiful glass jar.

The cigars themselves are presented in the Eminentes vitola, measuring 132mm (5 1/5”) by 42 ring gauge.  This slender shape is very slightly (3mm) shorter than its namesake from H. Upmann and should bring you around 30 – 40 minutes of smoking pleasure, plenty of time for the full-bodied flavours of the Ramon Allones blend to delight your palette.  As always with regional editions, production is extremely limited – only 4,500 jars of 25 cigars will be released.  Diadema SPA, whose 20th anniversary is commemorated by this release, have explained they will be available to pick up around the start of summer, offering a perfect treat to enjoy on the beach.



With such a well-loved brand presented in gorgeous packaging that will look fabulous in any collection, this release is bound to be highly sought-after.  The opportunity to try a different expression of the famous Ramon Allones blend is one many smokers will be keen to grab.  Whether you decide to share them with friends over a summer barbeque or carefully age them in your collection to be ready for a future special event, these cigars will surely bring a smoking experience well worth the wait for their release.

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