Cigar Lounge Etiquette: The Dos and Don'ts

Cigar Lounge Etiquette: The Dos and Don'ts

Visiting a cigar lounge is truly a magical experience. Nothing beats being surrounded by other cigar aficionados, as well as having a wide selection of Cuban cigars and alcohol to choose from. It genuinely is the perfect place to smoke a stick of tobacco. However, there could also be a few things that do ruin the atmosphere of the lounge. Whether it's that one person snorting the cigar, someone speaking loudly on the phone or those who smash the cigar on the ashtray - you don’t want to be that person. For first-time cigar loungers, it can be quite daunting to visit. But rest assured, we created a comprehensive dos and don’ts list so that you can be fully prepared to attend a cigar lounge.


GO OVER THE BASICS - If you are still not 100% about lighting or cutting, it is worth looking over. You don’t want to spend 30 minutes figuring out how to cut or light a cigar! To light, you should use a torch, lighter or a match that does not have any aroma in it to prevent the smells from contaminating the taste of the cigar. We recommend S.T. Dupont for cigar lighting products, their Maxijet S.T. Dupont or the Minijet S.T. Dupont, are great quality choices. After choosing your lighter, go ahead and properly toast the foot so that the wrapper, binder and filler are all lit. Then, place the cigar in your mouth to slowly puff the tobacco until it has been fully lit. For more tips and tricks on how to cut or light a cigar, read “The Art of Lighting a Cigar” or “The Art of Cigar Cutting” for step-by-step instructions.

EGM Cigar Matches. 

POLITELY MAKE CONVERSATION - There isn’t anywhere better than to talk about your love of tobacco in a cigar lounge. Almost every single person there shares the same passion for cigars as you do. Therefore, your experience can become even better when socialising with other aficionados. Whether you’re talking about your favourite brands, whiskey pairings or general conversation - you can start a conversation with just about anyone willing to. But, make sure you ask if you can join the conversation, especially when they are in a group of friends. Many people would be happy to, but of course, there are a few who might not be in the mood to socialise.

CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF - As you know, when smoking a cigar, it can be quite messy with ash falling on the ground and the tables. It is important to keep in mind that the cigar lounge is a public area, and it is common courtesy to clean after yourself; also, it would be of great help to the staff.

CHECK POLICIES - Not every single cigar lounge is the same! Some lounges will have a “bring your own bottle” policy, where they won’t serve you alcohol, but you would have to bring it yourself. Furthermore, some places may require you to wear a specific dress code. Most lounges aren’t too fussy with what you wear, but if you are attending a formal cigar lounge, it would be best if you adhere to those standards.


JUDGING OTHERS - Whether it’s their taste in cigars or the way the smoke one - remember, it’s subjective. Though you disapprove of their choices, it is worth acknowledging that every person has their likes and dislikes, and one must respect that. It is certainly not appropriate and is considered to be bad manners. Put yourselves in someone else’s shoes; you wouldn’t want to be judged when all you’re trying to do is enjoy a smoke.

ABUSE THE ASHTRAY - Yes, with cigarettes, you can certainly smash the ash on the tray. However, with cigars, it’s a different story. Keep in mind, smashing a cigar on an ashtray will only create more smoke and unpleasant smells. So, if you want to put a cigar out, place it gently on the tray and let it burn out by itself. 

Cigar Ashtray.

BLOW SMOKE IN SOMEONE’S FACE - While you’re smoking your delicious stick of tobacco, you may not realise that the smoke is directly blowing into someone’s face. Though smoke floating around the room is quite common in cigar lounges, this doesn’t dismiss the fact smoke on someone’s face is an unpleasant experience. If you notice this, you should try and move.

ASK TO TRY ANOTHER PERSON’S CIGAR - Just like mooching, it is quite unsavoury for someone to ask to try someone else’s cigar, as well as asking for one. Remember, cigars aren’t a cheap luxury! Someone might be enjoying and relaxing their cigar, and you interrupt them by asking to try it. Unless you’re entirely comfortable with the person, we suggest you don’t. But if the other person happens to offer you a stick of Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas, do help yourself!

We hope that these tips help you ease into the world of cigar lounges. You can browse our great selection available online on our Cuban Cigar Shop. If you want to stay up-to-date with everything associated with Cuban cigars check out our Cuban Cigar Blog. 


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