Cigar Ashtrays - Essential Accessories for any home smoking lounge

Cigar Ashtrays - Essential Accessories for any home smoking lounge

by Nick Hendry

Here at the EGM Blog we have discussed many times the importance of location and atmosphere to the proper enjoyment of a Cuban Cigar.  Moments to relax can be altered fairly easily and, as we have put so much in to amassing our cigar collection and earning the time to enjoy a selection from it, we should be careful to preserve the correct ambience to be able to fully concentrate on the smoke, and nothing more.  That could mean travelling to a fine lounge – where we know our favourite drinks are in good supply and the service is of a level to remove all concern from our experience – or settling down into our home lounge, which we have created and curated to our own particular tastes and exacting standards.

Creating a home lounge is not as easy as one might think.  Attention must be paid to the furnishings, ventilation and decoration in order to provide the optimum relaxing location, while at the same time choosing items that will serve the function of a room specifically designed for smoking in.  One of the most vital pieces of furniture for such a sanctuary, and perhaps one of the most overlooked, is the humble cigar ashtray.

An EGM Cuban Cigar resting on an ashtray

Would this standard venue ashtray be sufficient for your home cigar lounge?  Main Image: A Cohiba Talisman rests proudly in a dedicated cigar ashtray.

The cigar ashtray can well be thought of as the unsung hero of the cigar lounge.  It is quite easy to focus too intently on the cutter and lighter, which are clearly vital to the initial spark of the cigar journey, and leave little thought to the ashtray until it has suddenly become indispensable as the weight of ash at the end of the stick reaches the point of dropping off.  No-one likes ash on their clothes (even though we’ve all experienced it, many times) and it can be even more inconvenient on the floor.

The ashtray, therefore, should also be planned out in advance, that we do not have to suffer that moment of frustrated realisation when we first go to ash our cigar and realise there are none to be seen.  It serves not just this one purpose, but 2 others: a rest for our stick in between puffs – for if we keep it in our hand constantly the temptation to smoke quickly, not savour, can dilute the impact of our cigar – and a handsome object to fill a space on the table in our smoking lounge, adding to the character and aesthetic of the room.  Small, plastic cigarette ashtrays are insufficient for all three, so we must be sure to select a dedicated cigar ashtray to complete the task, usually in a handsome material like porcelain.  Here we have a selection of our favourites, all sure to enhance any home set-up.

Cohiba Taino Head Cigar Ashtray

Cohiba Taino Head Solo Cigar Ashtray

The first of our selections is from the flagship brand of Habanos SA: Cohiba.  This beautiful ashtray is crafted in cool porcelain into a perfect representation of the badge of Cohiba, making for an interesting centrepiece to your lounge table.  The opulent black-and-gold colour scheme was selected to emulate the brands official livery and celebrate the 50th anniversary of its creation.  It features a gentle ridge to hold your cigar, and will perfectly assist the solo smoker.

Golden Tobacco Leaf Cigar Ashtray

Festival del Habano Tobacco Leaf Solo Cigar Ashtray

Another interesting shape crafted in porcelain, another luxurious black-and-gold colour palette, and another ashtray designed for the solo smoker.  This ashtray is more suited to aficionados who do not wish to align themselves with one particular marca, instead displaying an equal affection for all Cuban cigars.  The design was created to honour the annual Habanos Festival, and will serve as a perfect reminder to anyone who has attended in the past, or an impetus to those who have ambitions to go in the future.

Montecristo yellow porcelain cigar ashtray

Montecristo 70th Anniversary Cigar Ashtray

The striking red-on-yellow of the famous Montecristo livery and the bold, powerful triangular shape of this ashtray will enhance any space.  It will serve, perhaps more than anything else on this list, as a fine piece of furniture when not in use and has ample size to accommodate a longer session of smoking without overflowing.  The three points of the triangle each hold one large format cigar, making it a great choice for entertaining guests to your haven of Habanos.

Romeo y Julieta White Porcelain Cigar Ashtray

Romeo y Julieta Oval Cigar Ashtray

The pristine, milky white porcelain of this stunning ashtray is accented with red and gold in the style of Romeo y Julieta and is a bright, eye-catching ornament for your table, as well as a functional cigar accessory.  The curved shape is elegant and artistic, and the three cigar rests will allow you to share a smoke with friends.  Perfect for when you offer dinner guests a Cuban digestif.

Habanos Terrace Grid Ashtray

Habanos Terrace Grid Cigar Ashtray

For those of us who may not have a lounge indoors, or for the summer months when the weather lends itself to enjoying life al fresco, it is preferable to have an ashtray that is well suited to the garden, and this grid is exactly that.  Its heavy bottom will resist any sudden gusts of wind, and the lattice across the top gives ample room for 4 large cigars to rest.  Next time you have a barbeque with your cigar-loving friends, this ashtray will be the perfect choice.

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