Can I Mix Different Brands of Cuban Cigars in One Humidor?

Can I Mix Different Brands of Cuban Cigars in One Humidor?

We debunk the myth that a humidor cannot contain mixed brands of Cuban Cigars, for example a combination of Romeo y Julieta Cigars and Montecristo Cuban Cigars.

It’s a question that has perplexed cigar smokers since the very first humidor was created, and one that still continues to do so. Storing Cigars, as is obvious, is a tricky thing to do right and one that you really want to do properly. Nevertheless, with technological development and innovative thinking its becoming a lot easier to store them correctly and increasingly stress free.

Images of Cigars from various brands

A gorgeous close up of cigars from Bolivar, Cohiba, Cuaba, Trinidad and Hoyo de Monterrey.                                            Photo Credit: Alex Brown via   

In the past and still to this day, Cigar Aficionados argue over the best way to store cigars. Many smokers buy Cigars online, receive their order and put them all straight into the same humidor without a second thought, with their Cohiba Siglo ii Cigar getting up close and comfortable with some of their Cuaba Cigars. 

However, there are also smokers who ensure their cigars are separated entirely, with some using one humidor to store their Cohiba Cuban Cigars and another for their Bolivar Cuban Cigars. These smokers choose to do this because they believe it prevents the flavours from mixing over time and aids protection from other cigar flavours. This, will eliminate any chances of flavours mixing for sure, but it's an action we find a little superfluous and somewhat unnecessary. 

We personally believe that is highly unlikely that mixing cigars with other cigar brands in a humidor will affect their aromas and flavours, or at least unnoticeable. To some extent it may affect the aroma of the cigar on a cold draw, but when lit this transfer will become insignificant as the tobacco within lights up and expresses the gorgeous flavours typical of that brand and cigar. 

Nevertheless, we understand and recognise that sometimes you want to take extra steps to ensure your cigars are kept at their full potential, therefore we recommend the following for those that are still worried about storing various brands in one humidor.


Our Top Tips:

  • Do NOT store artificially flavoured cigars in your humidor alongside non-flavoured cigars. 
  • Separate your light, medium and full flavoured cigar using dividers. This will not only ensure that there are no alterations to any cigars intensity, but will also make it easier to differentiate between light to full bodied cigars.
  • Use a cedar board layer to separate certain brands from others in the humidor.


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Image of the avidoff Office Humidor- Rosewood Palladium

The solid Rosewood Humidor from Davidoff, considered a classic addition to any home with an in-built humidifying system.


See the previous article The Ultimate Guide to Humidors  on our Cuban Cigar Blog if you want any more tips on storing cigars and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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