Best Cigar and Coffee Pairings

Best Cigar and Coffee Pairings

We are very much coffee snobs here, particularly when pairing them with one of our finest Cuban Cigars Online. We’re not ashamed to admit it, we proudly believe in making sure only the best products are paired with our most precious cigars. Obviously, we would never think of pairing the Cohiba Behike 52 with instant, not ever.

This blog post will be very similar to our previous post on our Cuban Cigar Blog called The Perfect Pair: Cigars and Spirits but this time it’s going to be all about those delicious strong coffee beans which give us life every morning.

As you and we all know, Cuban Cigars are a wonder on earth. This extraordinary product, from beginning to finish, is grown using supreme natural conditions and then handled expertly and carefully by humans until their very last ash. Each cigar, exceptional and unique with its flavour, vitola and combustion, has minute degrees of differences to accommodate for the innumerable tastes of Cigar enthusiasts worldwide. For example, Romeo y Julieta Cigars has over 40 different vitolas in its portfolio, which are all different in their own right.

As we’ve said before, Cuban Cigars by themselves can provide one of life’s finest pleasures, but when combined with something like coffee, the culmination of the two can be other worldly. Let’s take a look at why these two go so well together. 


Cigars are grown and produced in an agricultural environment. This process has a significant effect on its flavours, providing a range of mild to full-bodied, sweet to spicy and simple to complex. Cigars are also known for their changing flavours over the course of the smoke, and for having various nicotine levels to another. These are all properties which are determined by the climate they grow in, their harvest region, the specific leaf that is used as the wrapper and of course the ageing process. A manner of things to think about when thinking of what to pair it with, which makes it quite a difficult decision to make.


Likewise, coffee is also an agricultural product. Similar to a cigar, the properties of coffee are very much determined by where the bean is grown and harvested and how they are turned from cherry to bean. The two truly share very similar cultivation processes, for instance both are replanted after a certain amount of time to increase growth rate and both undergo an ageing process.

Now that we’ve seen the similarities between these two products, let’s take a look at how we can combine them to reach their utmost potential as a pair.

Coffee and Cigars

These two products make for a famous and fantastic pairing and recent years have seen a huge surge in their popularity, even being included in the Habanosommelier contest. Interestingly enough Darius Namdar – Habanosommelier 2017 said in an interview that he enjoys an exquisite Cuban Cigar with an excellent coffee.

Similarly, to the way we suggested pairing spirits and alcoholic beverages with cigars, you should make sure you choose a coffee that is similar to the cigar. For example, the sweet and lighter flavours of H Upmann Cuban Cigars will be complimented suitably by a light roast coffee. A medium flavoured cigar with hazelnut and spiced tones, found in many of the Guantanamera Cigars will be complimented by a medium nutty roast coffee and so on.

Recommended Pairings


Obviously we had to include the coffee beans from Cuba, firstly because Cuba is our beloved country, but foremost because of its incredible quality and flavour. We recommend the strong and smoky tones of Cubita coffee with sweet tones of caramel, with our most popular Cohiba Behike 56.

  Image of the Cohiba Behike 56 Cigar

Puerto Rican

One of the burlier and more powerful blends, which is complimented by silky, chocolate flavours. Any of the Juan Lopez Cigars for sale on our website would provide a perfect accompaniment to a Puerto Rican made mocha.


The Columbian Coffee is an ever so complex but beautifully balanced blend. This medium roast’s flavours of fruit, cream and spice will go so very well with La Gloria Cubana Cigars. We recommend a strong yet smooth flat white with one of these! 


Coffee beans from Kenya are known for their delicious and delicate tones, with delicate fruit undertones. We think any of the Montecristo Cuban Cigars will go perfectly with an Americano made using these beans.

Go get yourself a coffee and let us know in a comment or on one of our social media platforms what your favourite pairing is. 

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