Are 'Thicker Cigars' Better?

Are 'Thicker Cigars' Better?

Without a doubt, we're sure most aficionados have got at least one thick cigar in their collection. For the last few years, many cigar-smokers have certainly been opting for much fatter Cuban cigars as opposed to the slim classics like ‘Corona’ and ‘Lanceros’ sizes. Many years ago, a 46 ring gauge was considered to be quite a hefty size, but compared to today’s standards, that certainly seems quite laughable. As of February 2015, of the 177 cigars in current production, only 17% are thin. Meanwhile, about 25% of current production cigars are over 50 ring gauge. With cigars getting larger and larger, it's worth asking the question 'Are Thicker Cigars Better?'.


POWER & COMPLEXITY – Every single Habanos brand you can think is now producing much larger rolls, and we could already mention a few – the Cohiba Behike 54 and the Trinidad Vigia. A possible explanation for this growing trend among cigar smokers might not just be its ‘visual allure’, but some aficionados report that it’s the filler leaves that appeal to them. As you could imagine, the thicker the cigar, the more filler leaves to wrapper ratio there is. Due to this, it will affect the flavour experience of the smoke. In the perspective of the cigar blender, thicker cigars provide the opportunity to create much more complex tasting notes. You can perhaps fit five or six tobacco leaves within one stick. As opposed to a thinner cigar, you won’t be able to fit as many leaves inside and therefore cannot achieve the same amount of complexity. It’s all a matter of physics! However, some may argue against this reasoning as many people also believe that the flavour of the cigar, stems from the wrapper as opposed to the filler. If you ask thin cigar-lovers, then they may argue that they prefer thinner cigars as they obtain much more flavour from the wrapper.

LASTING SMOKE – In terms of the smoking experience, thicker cigars generally burn cooler, as a result, they burn much longer and give off more smoke in comparison to thinner cigars.

ADDS EXCITEMENT – The special thing about the cigar industry is that innovation never stops. You can consider the ‘thick cigar’ trend as part of this innovative process of the cigar industry. It provides adventurous cigar-smokers with the opportunity to try more unique shapes and sizes. But whether big cigars are a craze or not, let’s just face the fact that they are here, and there’s a chance that they might stay! 


PREFERENCE – Some experts doubt that this trend will last very long, it all comes down to the fact that some smokers do not have the time nor energy to consume a very thick smoke – and most definitely not for every day. Perhaps, a regular corona size would appeal as a day-to-day smoking choice. On the other hand, some of you don't mind firing up a 54 ring gauge smoke as a daily ritual. It all comes down to individual preference.

TOO LARGE – Now, there are problems with smoking thicker cigars – and it all comes down to the fact that they’re way too large to use with certain accessories. For instance, you may struggle in trying to fit the stogie through a Cigar Cutter simply because of its extra-large ring gauge. Or perhaps, you want to bring the cigar with you, but some Cigar Cases cannot house that certain size.

DON'T UNDERESTIMATE SLIM CIGARS – The thicker the cigar doesn't necessarily mean the more 'flavourful' – actually, there are many thin smokes out there that can satisfy your cravings, perhaps even more than a fat cigar. A cigar that we would recommend is the Trinidad Fundadores, though it is slim, it is packed full of flavour. You can expect outstanding complexity, as well as tasty notes of dark chocolate and wood.

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