Cohiba Porcelain Jar

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The Cohiba Porcelain Jar is an exceptional piece of cigar storage for your collection of Cuban Cigars. Since it's made out of porcelain, it will provide an exceptionally strong and sturdy build to store your cigars in. What's more, it presents a beautiful checkered black and yellow design, in the style of the classic Cohiba design. Undeniably, a beautiful yet functional Cigar Accessory to have.

In addition to the jar, you will receive a complimentary gift box and humidifier to keep your cigars in their best condition. You can be assured to know that your Cuban cigars will be safe and kept fresh when you have this porcelain jar. It is a charming product to place on top of your desk, or even put on display on a shelf.

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Material Porcelain

24.5 x 16.5cm