Everyday Smokes

The building of a collection of fine Cuban Cigars is a passion project that offers the aficionado who undertakes it an extraordinary world of choice. The volume of different sticks available – be it from regular production, Limited or Regional Editions or special releases to commemorate an anniversary or occasion – from all 27 Cuban marcas can make choosing what to pick up overwhelming, especially for the beginner. Flavours, strengths, shapes and sizes – all this can combine to create a rather bewildering conundrum.

To help conquer this confusion, we at EGM Cigars have created an edit of our Everyday Smokes. These are the cigars we feel form the foundation of a good collection – a capsule of classic sticks which will ensure all our loyal customers have a solid base to their home stock. Most of the classic Cuban brands are represented, and there are sticks here which range from light body up to full and from 20 minutes’ smoking to around 80 minutes. It is the perfect starting list for the beginner or reminder for the experienced smoker.

This collection is, and always will be, presented at as accessible a price point as possible. A fine cigar is something everyone should be able to enjoy – not just the reserve of the ultra-wealthy, handmade Cuban puros should be available to all.  Anyone who enjoys flavour, artisanal craft, self-reward or relaxation should be able to indulge themselves with a moment of their own time and the meditative journey a cigar can take us on. There will be no gimmicks, no flash sales and no codes to enter or hoops to jump through. Just classic cigars, expertly curated by the team at EGM after years of devotion to learning about the world of Habanos and brought to you in way that will benefit as many people as possible.

Just as a wardrobe should be built on staple pieces and embellished with personal taste, so should a home humidor. A regularly-replenished supply of these classic cigars will give the newcomer the well-rounded education in Cuban flavour needed to develop their own taste and ensure those who have been smoking for years never forget why they fell in love with cigars in the first instance. True appreciation begins with true knowledge, and familiarity with these exquisite cigars will set you on a journey of appreciation that will last a lifetime.