Boveda is a U.S. company that specializes in producing humidification products used for preserving Cuban cigars. The company has innovated high-quality humidification products to allow smokers to keep their cigars in optimal conditions. If you need a reliable humidifier for your cigars, you can count on EGM Cigars for the best humidifiers made with high-quality materials. We offer a wide range of cigar humidifiers and Boveda packs to help smokers keep their cigars in the best conditions. 

Why you need a humidifier

  • Maintain the ideal humidity levels to avoid excess moisture that would cause rotting and encourage the growth of mold
  • Prevent cigars from drying out
  • Preserve essential oils in cigars to preserve their flavor and aroma
  • Prevents the infestation of pests such as tobacco beetles

Generally, humidifiers are designed to have a tight seal to maintain the ideal internal temperature and optimal conditions for the storage of cigars. Boveda has been in the business of manufacturing humidification products since 1997 when the company was founded. Therefore, they have a lot of experience in designing and manufacturing reliable cigar accessories. They use premium materials and experienced craftsmen to make durable, functional, and stylish humidifiers and packs. The worst nightmare for any aficionado would be to let their priced Cohiba or Montecristo cigars go dry.

Some of the Boveda products we offer at EGM Cigars

Boveda pack- Brown

Measuring 5,2" by 3,5" in size, this pack is designed to raise the humidity level of cigars to provide an optimal environment for storage of cigars. Weighing just 8 g, it is lightweight enough to carry with you wherever you go. This pack will prevent your cigars from drying out and keep them fresh for long-term storage. You can buy this Boveda packet here.

Boveda 60g packet 69%

This pack provides a 69% humidification level and an airtight environment to provide hassle-free humidity control maintenance. They work pretty much like full-size humidors to preserve your Cuban cigars. You can buy this packet here.

Boveda 320g packet 69%

This packet comes with a special mounting plate that makes it easy to use. It provides a 69% humidity level and an airtight environment to preserve your cigars. You can buy this packet here.

Boveda 60g wooden packet holders

These holders help to maintain humidors and humistore bags. The holders come in various sizes allowing you to choose the size that works best for you. They also come with a magnet, a metal plate, and a Velcro kit to make it easy to attach to the underside of the humidor lid. You can buy the Boveda 60g wooden packet holder here.

Boveda 320g mounting plate

This mounting plate is designed to help you hang the 320g Boveda packet inside the lid of the humidor. It comes with a magnetic mounting kit to make everything easier. This mounting plate has been upgraded to ensure it lasts up to six times longer than previous mounting plates. You can buy the Boveda 320g mounting plate here.

Boveda 60g metal packet holders

These packet holders come in handy in the maintenance of humidors and humistore bags. They come in a range of sizes, and a metal plate and a Velcro kit for easy attachment.