XXII Festival del Habano is Almost Here

XXII Festival del Habano is Almost Here

With February fast approaching - the excitement and anticipation for the XXII Festival Del Habanos are building high, here at EGM. We were lucky enough to attend the 21st Festival Del Habano last year and let us tell you it’s a week to remember! Taking place from the 24th February until the 28th of February - the festival brings Habanos lovers together in celebration of the franchise and their fantastic smokes.

Festival del Habano Programme. EGM Cigars

The Full Programme for XXII Festival del Habano.

WHAT TO EXPECT - The festival is dedicated to celebrating all things Cuban cigars and takes place in Havana, Cuba. It gives all us aficionados the chance to catch a glimpse of what the year ahead is looking like in the Habanos world, as they tease potential releases and celebrations. The year 2020 is full of commemorative dates for the franchise - with some of the biggest brands celebrating huge birthdays - so we cannot imagine what Habanos have in store. Brands such as Bolivar, Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta are taking the forefront roles this year. They’ll also offer the traditional activities of the festival: a welcome evening, a tour of one of the famous tobacco regions, seminars and even offer a cigar rolling master class!


A WARM WELCOME - There ain’t no party like a Habanos party! So, it comes as no surprise that the festival will open with a bang - as they host a great ‘Welcome Night’ party. Think of this as a warm-up for the rest of the week - bringing the attendees together for the first time. This year this night is specially dedicated to Bolivar Cigars - who are renowned for their full and flavourful cigars.

Vega Hoyo de Mena Tobacco Plantation. EGM Cigars

Last year we had the pleasure of visiting the Vega Hoyo de Mena Plantation, in Pinar del Rio.

PARTIDO - The main event for the second day involves a grand tour of one of the famous tobacco growing regions of Cuba. This year the attendees will get to visit the Partido region. It was founded back in the 17th century and takes place as one of the most historic regions. The DOO (Denomination of Origin) protected region specialises in the cultivation of wrapper leaves for long and short filler.


CELEBRATIONS - On the 3rd night of the festival is when the celebrations begin! There’ll be another party to commemorate both the 30th anniversary of the La Casa del Habano franchise as well as the 85th anniversary of Montecristo Cigars.

XXI Festival del Habano Gala Night. EGM Cigars

XXI Festival del Habano Gala Night - Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Trinidad Cigars.

CLOSING NIGHT - Towards the end of the week there will be a gala evening to celebrate the 145th anniversary of Romeo y Julieta Cigars - who are one of the most admired brands of the franchise. The Traditional Cigar Humidor auction will also take place on this night - with all proceeds being donated to the Cuban Public Health System. They’ll end the night with an exclusive performance with an internationally recognised group - you’ll have to wait and see who it’ll be!

The month countdown is well underway and to anyone lucky enough to be attending - we wish you an unforgettable time. It truly is the ultimate cigar aficionado event full of festivities that’ll make a lasting impression! If you wanted to find out more about our time at the festival last year - we posted plenty of articles on our cigar blog:

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