New UK Regional: El Rey del Mundo La Reina Cigar

New UK Regional: El Rey del Mundo La Reina Cigar

The El Rey del Mundo La Reina being created at El laguito 


During our exclusive visit Inside Cohiba’s El Laguito Factory in Havana, we witnessed the production of one of the most highly anticipated Cuban Cigars set for release in 2019, the El Rey del Mundo La Reina. As part of the UK’s Regional Editions Cigars, this special and limited habano pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

NATIONALISATION CHANGES – Before Castro reached power, Cuban cigars were made only in the factories of those who owned them. For example, on our post Montecristo Cigars: Astonishing History Behind the Brand, we shared how the company Garcia y Cia, bought the H.Upmann Cigars factory and moved Montecristo production there. Unless a factory owned a cigar company, it simply didn’t create them.

A LOSS OF UNIQUENESS - After nationalisation, Castro mixed the factories. A habano could be made in any factory in Cuba, and this transition affected brand identity. Cohiba Cigars, whilst produced elsewhere, are predominantly crafted in El Laguito. We went inside the grand mansion on a guided tour with the incredible cigar roller Mamita. We were surprised to learn that El Laguito occasionally makes Cuban Cigars for other Habanos SA brands - the place is one of the most extravagant and stately on the island and cannot be compared to other factories.

El Rey del Mundo La Reina Cigar - El Laguito - EGM Cigars

The much awaited El Rey del Mundo La Reina Cigar was scheduled for this year, but will most-likely be available in early 2019. Currently in production, the cigars look like they are worth the wait.


"sweet and light aromas"

THE BEST TORCEDORES – Designed for Castro, El Laguito situates only the finest torcedores in Cuba. They are expertly skilled and trained, understanding exactly how to perfect tobacco and shape to required measurements. Thus, El Laguito rollers are needed to make the El Rey del Mundo La Reina Cigar. It is one of the hardest formats to roll.

ELEGANT COMPLEXITY – With the La Reina composing such a thin and long shape, it takes a true artist to know how to roll to ensure there's enough air for a smoker to enjoy. Thin cigars are more likely to face ‘plug’ issues. Due to the sweet and light aromas, the La Reina Cigar is ideal as a morning smoke – a marvellous delight to enjoy before starting your day. The cigar is rolled without Ligero leaves to remove nicotine strength.

EL LAGUITO DIRECTOR’S PREFERENCE – To summarise the excellence of the El Rey del Mundo La Reina Cigar which is soon to surface and expected to become a global success, none other than El Laguito’s director Pedro has become a fan. So much so, that Pedro has switched from the classic Cohiba Lanceros Cigar to the La Reina.

El Rey del Mundo La Reina Cigar - El Laguito - EGM Cigars

Every single La Reina cigar is weighed to ensure perfect tobacco. If they are packed too tightly, there will not be enough air. This is why the cigar needs the finest El Laguito rollers to craft.


"luxury and exquisite satisfaction"

CASTRO’S CIGAR – The Lanceros is especially iconic as it is the first Cohiba cigar introduced to Castro. More than that, it’s the cigar that became his favourite and is typically captured alongside him in photographs. We shared the story of its creation on our blog post Cohiba Lanceros: Cuban Cigar Classics. The cigar’s vitola is relatively similar to the La Reina's. For Pedro to switch, despite working at Cohiba’s birthplace, represents the luxury and exquisite satisfaction granted with this new UK Regional.

BEHIND THE BRAND – El Rey del Mundo Cigars was formed in 1882 and has won numerous awards – six medals at international fairs, and began in the esteemed factory of Ramon Allones. In Spanish, El Rey del Mundo translates to ‘King of The World’ – the company was once seen as the ruler of the Cuban cigar industry. As another limited and rare cigar, we currently stock the El Rey del Mundo Jar featuring 12 El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme Cigars. Picture the blend of sweet and spice, wrapped up in a sensation of smoothness.

Prodced using Cuba’s best Vuelta Abajo tobacco –  washed immaculately, rolled to perfection with Cuba's greatest rollers, and from one of the oldest Cuban cigar brand, the El Rey del Mundo La Reina Cigar looks set to one day have its name introduced on a list of cigar greats. We at EGM Cigars are your go-to guide for keeping you informed and up-to-date. Stay tuned to see when this masterpiece is available to join our Cuban Cigars online.

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