How to Maintain Your Cigar Humidor

How to Maintain Your Cigar Humidor

Cigar Humidors are essential for any cigar aficionado. If you want your Cuban Cigars to stay fresh, then it is imperative you purchase a satisfactory storage solution that ensures that it provides the right conditions to store your smokes. Humidors will not only prevent your cigars from drying out, but it will support the natural ageing process. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that humidors are not impenetrable. You need to take proper care and maintenance to ensure it’s working at its best. Though it won’t be too tricky, it’s crucial you consistently check its condition, or else it might not be as effective. Here are some necessary steps you can take: 


Before you use your newly-purchased humidor, you should always season it first. ‘Seasoning’ refers to dampening the cedar material of your storage unit. By allowing the cedar to absorb the moisture, it will ensure that your cigars will stay humidified. On the other hand, if your humidor hasn’t been seasoned, then will dry out your cigars by stripping them of their oils – totally defeating the purpose of a humidor! The most common approach to seasoning a humidor is wiping the humidor with a damp sponge. If you want detailed instructions, then read “How to Season Your Humidor: A 5-Step Guide. And if you’re looking for a good-quality humidor, then have a look at our range, which includes fantastic choices such as the S.T. Dupont Humidor and the Partagas Global Humidor.

Boveda Pack

Boveda Humidification Packs


While the internal conditions of your humidor will regulate your cigars, you must not forget that the external conditions are another significant factor. Ideally, the inside temperature should be 21-23 degrees celsius. But if you keep the box under direct sunlight, then the solar heat will change the temperature and humidity over time, and therefore, making the conditions unideal for your stogies. So, make sure you keep your humidor in a cool, shaded area.


The critical component in humidor is, of course, the humidifier. The humidifier is responsible for maintaining the moisture in circulating in the air inside and therefore ensuring that your valuable Limited Editions and Cohiba Cigars are kept in tip-top shape. So, whatever humidification method you are using, whether it’s a foam-based humidifier or a Boveda Pack, you must check them frequently that they are working correctly. Double-check the manual and refill or replace when needed. As for the hygrometer, ensure that it’s calibrated and it’s set to the ideal setting, which is about 70% humidification.


There are two methods for humidifying your humidor, either using distilled water or propylene glycol. If you are the type of aficionado who likes to open their humidors often, perhaps, to take out a cigar or fill it up, then using distilled water is ideal. This is because distilled water is easy to replace as opposed to propylene glycol. As for propylene glycol, it is perfect for those who do not open their humidor often. The longer you leave it inside the humidor, the longer it will last. On top of that, propylene glycol also helps prevent any fungal growth.

We hope that these tips will help you maintain your humidors. For more fascinating cigar-related articles, head over to our Cigar Blog:





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