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Cigar Accessories

This section contains our spectacular collection of Cuban Cigar Accessories for sale in our warehouse. Securely boxed, these items can be shipped worldwide. Here at EGM Cigars, we believe that smoking Cuban Cigars is a journey, and these accessories will help to increase your enjoyment every step of the way. Each of our cigar accessories are selected for their style, materials, craftsmanship and comfort offered to you, such as cigar cases which are easy to transport. We source from every corner of the world to ensure you find something that suits your taste and style. Just like our Limited Editions Cigars, you can purchase exclusive and limited accessories which are highly valuable and luxurious. May we suggest you shop our cigar humidor range which are transportable and temperature controlled.

Cigar Cases

Whether you are inclined to smoke Montecristo Cigars or are more partial to Romeo y Julieta Cigars, every Cuban Cigar must be transported and handled with care. In this section you can find a whole host of cigar cases in a range of classic and elegant styles, each ensuring protection, comfort and safety. The designs are easily portable and light to carry.

Cigar Cutters

Before you can smoke these opulent Cuban Cigars online, you will, of course, need a Cigar Cutter. It's imperative not to use ordinary scissors or cutters, as these can damage and alter a cigar. From the stylish S.T Dupont Maxijet Cutter in Chrome to the elegant Trinidad Cutter in gold, we have an assortment of colours and styles available to suit your preferences. 

Cigar Lighters

No aficionado is complete without a lighter in their pocket. Our Cigar Lighters range from jet flame to twin flame, which are optimal for cigars. We are even able to offer the amazing Le Grand S.T. Dupont lighter in all three colours! Your Cuban cigar will light perfectly with an even burn when choosing from our collection.

Cigar Ashtrays

At EGM Cigars, we have ashtrays crafted by some of the most well known brands. Whether you prefer H. Upmann Cigars or Cohiba Cigars, you will find an ashtray which not only looks exquisite in any home decor style, but offers longevity and durability. You will also find particular cigar pieces, such as the Cohiba Behike Ashtray.

Guayabera Shirts

The Guayabera Shirts are by-products of Cohiba Atmosphere, a high-class and iconic Cigar Lounge concept by Habanos S.A. They are made using the finest natural materials sourced in Italy and their design takes inspiration from traditional Cuban Menswear. 100% made in Cuba. Wearing one will ensure you create a great impression when smoking your Cuban Cigars Online.

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