Romeo y Julieta Linea Oro Sampler Pack

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The Romeo y Julieta Linea Oro Sample Pack includes three of the latest cigars released by Habanos – Dianas, Nobles and Hidalgos. These new Limited Edition Cigars are presented within a beautiful, red-lacquered box, which was gifted to all the guests who attended the XXII Festival del Habano to commemorate the Romeo y Julieta Cigars brand's 145th Anniversary.  

Linea Oro translates to the gold line, which is clearly shown on the unique anilla wrapped on each stick. All three of these new smokes present brand new vitolas:

  • Linea Oro Dianas (145 mm x 52)
  • Linea Oro Nobles (135 mm x 56)
  • Linea Oro Hidalgos (125 mm x 57)

Although this special cigar is scheduled to be released later on this year, a limited amount of these cases are available for sale.

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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Length: 145 mm / 135 mm / 125 mm
Vitola de galera: Dianas / Nobles / Hidalgos
Ring: 52 / 56 / 57
Presentation: Lacquered case of 3 cigars