La Corona Coronas - Box of 50 Pre Embargo Cuban Cigars

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Impeccable 50 count box of Pre Embargo La Corona Coronas, an extremely rare item.

Zino Davidoff, in his famous book "The Connoisseur's Book of the Cigar" claims that Cuban Cigar brands would save their best tobacco leaves for Corona vitolas, the 'King of Cigars' as he called it. These Coronas measure 14cm in length by 42 ring gauge, a very popular format at the time. 

La Corona is a famous pre-revolution brand of Cuban Cigars. Established circa in 1845 it was eventually discontinued around the late 1970's.

These splendid Cuban Cigars have been kept in a controlled humidity and temperature environment. The have moved only once from Cuba to the US and a second time from the US to Europe, where they currently rest.

We can, of course, guarantee provenance of these Cigars and they are ready to be shipped worldwide.