Guantanamera Decimos Cigar

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The Guantanamera Decimos Cigar is a very mild but flavoursome cigar. It is machine made using the finest tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Arriba region in Cuba. 

Guantanamera Cigars are known for their accessibility, especially for beginner smokers. They are very affordable and have fantastic lighter flavoured Cuban Cigars for sale.

The Universales Vitola measures at 134mm in length by a 38 ring gauge, it delivers a lovely light profile which will please both the cigar beginner and cigar enthusiast. 

Ideal as a gift for a birthday or for a special occasion, pair with the following Cigar accessories: 

Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Machine made
Length: 134mm
Vitola de galera: Universales
Ring: 38
Presentation: 1 layer in a semi plain box of 10 pcs