Cohiba Behike Cutter and Lighter Set

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The Cohiba Behike Cutter and Lighter Set contains two quality Cigar Accessories that allow for the quick-and-easy ignition of Cuban Cigars. It features a sleek black Cohiba Behike design on the lighter and the cutter, creating a stylish and highly refined look to the products - perfect for the modern-day man.

The guillotine-style cutter has sharp blades that offer better precision when cutting the end of your cigar stick, while, the lighter provides a hot flame to help toast and light your tobacco. It is everything that you need to ensure your cigars are lit effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy that freshly lit stogie as soon as possible!

The set would make the perfect gift for any cigar aficionado. Discover our extensive range of cigar accessories by heading over to our Cuban Cigar Shop: