Regional Editions

Regional Edition Cuban Cigars

Buy your Regional Edition Cigars directly from our website and choose among a vast Cuban Cigar collection available to ship worldwide. Regional Editions or Edición Regionales have been introduced in 2005 to four selected markets. Namely: Switzerland, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. Its success among cigar aficionados around the world was unprecedented and it quickly turned those four original Regional Editions into coveted collector's items, now virtually impossible to find. The Cuban Cigars you find in this section are, if in stock, available to buy outright and ready to be shipped to any location worldwide. 

These cigars are highly recognisable and almost iconic as they sport a secondary - red and white - band which carries in an elegant embossing the name of the market for which it was conceived. The rules for a cigar to be created under this program are quite strict and if a cigar importer wishes to create a new Regional Edition for their market, a detailed and scrupulous proposal then has to be submitted to Habanos' head office in Havana. The minimum order for such a release sits at about 100,000 cigars and the proposal must take into account a series of factors. Firstly, the proposed cigar must be produced within a specific number of 'secondary' brands such as Ramon Allones, Bolivar and Punch, to name a few. Global brands such as Cohiba and Montecristo, for example, are excluded from the program. Secondly, for obvious reasons, the vitola for the proposed cigar must not be in the brand's current product portfolio.  Lastly, the suggested name must be unique (never used before) and evocative of something particular about the regional market. They are also not to be sold outside of the distributors market area. 

If you wish to know more about the program or keep up to date with the latest news from the cigar industry, visit our Cigar Blog.

At EGM Cigars, we source the very best that is available in the Cuban cigar industry. If you wish to find out more about another successful program by Habanos, featuring luxurious and limited pieces, why not browse our Limited Edition Cuban Cigars as well.

Key Facts:

  • Made exclusively for a particular region or market
  • Produced in beautiful, numbered boxes 
  • Crafted in exclusive and new vitolas