Punch Cigars


Punch Cigars is one of the long-standing brands from Habanos S.A. It was founded by Don Lòpez de Juan Valle y Cia in 1841 and has received critical acclaim in the world of Cuban cigars ever since.

The effigy of the brand is clearly visible by Mr. Punch, a clown that smokes a cigar. The main purpose was to get the brand recognised in the European market, indirectly exploiting the image to go with the name. The popularity of the brand today demonstrates just how successful this marketing technique really was. Of course, partnering this branding theme with only the highest quality of smokes was essential. 

There are a lot of synergies between the brands of Habanos and in this case the Punch cigars, as they are made at the Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars factory. We have a selection of regular production, regional edition cigars, vintage edition cigars and limited edition cigars from the brand on our Cuban cigar shop.