Cigar Humidors

Cigar Humidors

What is a cigar humidor?

A cigar humidor is a wooden storage container manufactured to store and mature cigars. This box provides the best storage conditions to keep cigars at the right humidity. Your favourite Cuban Cigars must be kept at the right humidity to ensure they maintain their natural flavor and prevent them from becoming too dry.

Too much humidity can lead to the growth of mold, making your cigars un-smokeable and quite frankly unsightly. Besides, too much moisture inside the humidor will make the cigar burn unevenly. On the other hand, too little humidity will dry out your cigars and negatively affect their natural flavor and aroma. It will also cause your cigar to burn very quickly, produce too much smoke, and ruin your whole smoking experience. Storing your cigars in the optimal conditions is what will keep your cigars tasting great. All of our Cigar Humidors come with what we call a Hygrometer, a little device showing you where the humidity inside your humidor stands at. We recommend a RH between 65% and 72%.

The type of humidor you use to store your cigars will determine your smoking experience. With countless types of cigar humidors in the market, you may find it difficult to choose the best cigar humidors. EGM Cigars makes everything easy for you by offering high-quality cigar humidors made with premium materials.

How do cigar humidors work? 

A cigar humidor is made of various components that work together to maintain optimal humidity levels for optimal storage conditions. These components are humidifier, hygrometer, thermostat, and Spanish cedar. The humidifier adds moisture to the humidor to keep humidity levels on point.  The ideal relative humidity of a cigar humidor should be at 70%. Some of the ways to introduce moisture to the interior include sponges soaked in distilled water, floral form blocks, crystal gel, silica beads, humidipaks, and electronic humidifiers. You can find a vaste selection of everything you need on our Cigar Accessories section of our website.

The hygrometer is another crucial component of a cigar humidor which measures the humidity level of your humidor to let you know if there’s need to add moisture or absorb excess moisture to maintain optimal humidity levels.  

The thermostat helps to maintain the ideal temperature to keep your cigars in top condition. The recommended temperature for the storage of cigars is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Spanish cedar is the preferred choice for making interior fittings of cigar humidors. Spanish cedar helps to repel insects and regulates moisture levels inside the humidor to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Why you need to use a cigar humidor to keep your cigars 

Apart from maintaining the ideal humidity for the storage of cigars, this device allows you to store your cigars in an orderly manner. Cigars can absorb aromas from the environment when they are not stored properly and this can compromise their natural flavor. A cigar humidor helps to keep out conditions that could compromise the natural flavor of your cigars. This device is easy to use for any smoker. 

Cigar humidors come in a wide range of models and finishes, allowing you to choose something that will complement your style. When choosing a cigar humidor, you’ll want to consider things like the number of cigars you want to keep in the device, the finish of the exterior, natural vs electronic humidity, and so on.

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