Top 10 Famous Cigar Smokers

Top 10 Famous Cigar Smokers

The Top 10 Famous Cigar Smokers

 Would you spend £700 on a half smoked cigar which has been wrapped in a piece of newspaper and a plastic bag for almost 70 years? Yeah, we’re not entirely bowled over by the idea either. How about if you knew it was smoked by a historic, political figure who once held so much power over a country’s position and eventually led them to their win in the second world war? Still not persuaded? Well there are many people who would.

Last week, news came about that a certain cigar smoked by Winston Churchill in the 1950s was being put up for auction with an estimated selling price of £500 to £700. It was said to be given to Police Officer Bill Wood, during his posting at Churchill’s Country home ‘Chartwell’ in Kent. Mr Wood’s son, Mike, claims that after his father’s death in 1971 he inherited the cigar.

Almost entirely forgetting that he had it until he watched The Darkest Hour - a depiction of Churchill’s role in the Second World War, Mr. Wood decided to put it up for auction at the Hanson’s Auctioneers in Etwall, Derbyshire. Set to be sold on the 27th of March, many bidders hope to purchase this historic and collectible item. Will you be bidding next week?

This article spiked our interest in other famous cigar smokers and we thought it would be fun to write a blog post denoting our top 10 famous cigar smokers, past and present.


1.- Winston Churchill 1874-1965, Prime Minister of Britain

We simply had to include the man himself, there was no doubt about it. Winston Churchill, not only famous for his strategic moves during the Second World War, but equally famous for his regular enjoyment of Cuban Cigars, rarely being seen without a cigar in his hand. He was courageous, tactical and a hero to many, one of Great Britain’s greatest citizens and it’s no wonder Romeo y Julieta Cigars and many others have named some of their cigars after him.

 Preferred cigar: Romeo y Julieta Cuban Cigars

“My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them.”


  1. Vanessa Williams 1963- Present, Actress, Singer and Designer

Vanessa Williams was crowned the first African- American Miss America in 1983, which was a real stepping stone in equality and representation for America during that time. Williams won this title from both her beautiful looks and exceptional musical ability and after this success, went onto become a singer and an actress. Vanessa has been chosen as one of our top 10, for having the courage to go after what she really wants and being an amazing actress.


  1. Sigmund Freud 1856-1939

World famous and genius psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud is one of our top 10 Cigar Smokers because of his incredible developments in the psyche and ego. We commend him for the breakthroughs he made in the understandings of the brain and its workings and believe he created the space for those that would come after him to do more. Freud was regularly seen smoking Cuban Cigars during his lifetime, saying that he could not work without his cigars and that ‘smoking was one of the greatest pleasures in life’. Hear, hear!

 Preferred Cigar: Don Pedros


  1. Matthew Mcconaughey 1969- Present

An American actor, director, producer, writer and even a teacher at the University of Texas at Austin, there seems to be nothing Mcconaughey can’t do. He’s included in our top ten, because not only is he undeniably talented, but he’s also the coolest cat in Hollywood. Regularly seen smoking cigars and has been on the front page of Cigar Aficionado.

 Preferred Cigar: Romeo y Julieta Cigars


  1. Sigourney Weaver 1949- Present

American actress who has won Academy awards, Bafta awards and a Golden Globe due to her outstanding representations in her acting roles. Sigourney Weaver is one of our favourite actresses and one that we believe deserves every recognition she receives and more and has been regularly photographed enjoying a cigar.


  1. Zino Davidoff 1906- 1994

Cigar Icon, Zino Davidoff is an expert in the field. Davidoff began working in his father’s tobacco shop in the 1930s and his love of cigars grew from there. The Cigar aficionado played a major part in the creation of Hoyo de Monterrey’s ‘Chateaux’ series and wrote The Connoisseur’s Book, which is basically the bible in the EGM Cigars office.

 Preferred cigar: Davidoff Cigars, obviously.


  1. Rihanna 1988- Present

Barbados born singer and songwriter Rihanna is regularly photographed smoking Cuban Cigars, be that through Paparazzi, during shoots or on her personal Instagram, she is an obvious enthusiast of the luxurious leisure. The artist has been recognised globally for her albums, selling over 200 million records worldwide. The singer can be seen smoking a cigar in her music video ‘Can’t Remember to Forget you’ with fellow singer Shakira.


  1. Jack Nicholson 1937- Present

Jack Nicholson had to be on our list of top 10 Famous Cigar Smokers. An icon in the film industry, it’s impossible to count the amount of fantastic portrayals this actor has given.  Nicholson has received critical acclaim for his role in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and The Shining. He is known for his adoration of Cuban Cigars and enjoying one on the golf course.

 Preferred cigar: Montecristo Cuban Cigars  


  1. Armie Hammer 1986- Present

A very recent addition to our list of top 10 Cigar Smokers is Armie Hammer. American actor who portrayed the Vinklevoss twins in The Social Network, Clyde Tolson in J.Edgar and Oliver in the most recent Call Me by your Name. An incredible actor with a down to earth and cool demeanour.

Armie n his buddy

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  1. Whoopi Goldberg 1955- Present

American actress, comedian, author and television host, Goldberg has been nominated for countless awards and won and Emmy award, a Grammy Award, an Oscar and a Tony Award for her contribution to the television and film industry. Whoopi Goldberg is actually one of the first female cigar smokers that one of our marketing team can remember in the film industry. 

Preferred Cigar: Cohiba Cuban Cigars

We could go on for ages, to a 100 even, but we think that’s enough inspiration for this Cuban Cigar Blog post. You can order Cuban cigars online with us to see if maybe you too share the same favourite cigar as one in our top 10. Let us know on our Instagram or Facebook page if you do!

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