Spring Feast: Best Cigars to Smoke Outside

Spring Feast: Best Cigars to Smoke Outside

We have officially waved goodbye to the cold and gloomy nights of Winter and have finally welcomed into our lives the warm, airy, and colourful evenings of Spring. It’s not that hard to notice, isn’t it? After all, you know that Spring is here when you replace your wool overcoat with your denim jacket and your chunky knits with floaty cottons. But your wardrobe ain’t the only thing that needs adjustments this season. In the same spirit, your Cuban Cigars must be representative of the season, especially if you choose to enjoy an outdoorsy smoke. Yes, you heard it right. That been said, here we offer you the ultimate guide on the best cigars to smoke outside this spring.

locals smoking cuban cigars in the streets of havana cuba egm cigars

Locals smoking cigars in the streets of Havana, Cuba


MYTHS AND FACTS – An outdoorsy smoke has proven to be a topic controversial discussion for two reasons. First, many aficionados are not aware of the regulations and restrictions when it comes to smoking outside. Of course, smoking on a private outdoor property where cigars are prohibited is an absolute no-no. However, there are no limitations holding you back from lighting any from our Cuban Cigars Online in public outside locations in the UK, for instance. Thus, there’s nothing between you and your opportunity to puff a cigar outside as long as you respect everyone around you. Another myth that falls short in credibility is that all outdoorsy cigars must be short. Why rush finish a habano while you’re enjoying a sunny Spring day at the park? Your free time is the only thing that will help you choose the right length of your cigar. Nevertheless, if we want to be honest with you like always, a short cigar usually makes a more pleasing outside smoke, simply because it doesn’t overwhelm or over-occupy your sense but just enhances them.

SMOKING AT THE PARK – Let’s say it’s a holiday weekend and the weather is beyond lovely. Of course, staying inside is not an option and the idea of spending the day at the park with your close friends becomes increasingly favourable. Snacks, soft drinks, and perhaps some music would be in order. Sounds like a perfect day, doesn’t it? The only thing that could make such a day even more memorable would be the company of the right Cuban sticks. The Partagas Shorts Cigar is perfect for such occasions. Featuring the Minutos vitola at just 110 mm in length by a ring gauge of 42, this smoke is small in size yet mighty in flavours, the ideal outside smoke for any experienced smoker. If that’s too strong a cigar for you and you prefer lighter aromas, don’t worry, the El Rey Del Mundo Demi Tasse Cigar will do the trick. Handmade using only the finest Cuban tobacco leaves, Demi Tasse is the ideal light flavoured cigar to puff while at the park.

partagas shorts cigars and el rey del mundo demi tasse cuban cigars online egm cigars

Left: Partagas Shorts Cigar, Right: El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse Cigar


CIGARS ON A BEACH – Whoever says that doesn’t enjoy a warm day at the beach, they’re probably lying. What could possibly best a beautiful day by the sea? Don’t overthink this; the answer is simple. Nothing. The feeling of sunrays hitting your cheeks, sand underneath your feet, and the calming sound of wave against the shore is all you need. If that’s not fun then we don’t know what is. Sure, cocktails can make your day more fun, but our selection of Cuban Cigars for Sale Online guarantee to make a day at the beach a one of a kind experience. Strong yet smooth in flavours, we cannot help but suggest the Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills Cigar. This Robustos vitola has been popular amongst cigar aficionados since its release back in 1006, while the cigars short format makes it the most suitable cigar to puff at the beach. In case you prefer a milder habano, Hoyo de Monterrey has just the right smoke for you. Measuring at only 102 mm long by a 50 ring gauge, the short yet flavoursome Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto Cigar will make your trip to the beach a truly memorable experience.

BONFIRE SMOKES – Some nights are certainly better than others. And, of course, in our top picks, we have to include bonfire nights. When the nights get warmer but there’s still a slight breeze travelling the air, adding some sort of freshness in the atmosphere, you know it’s bonfire parties season. And as if the smokes coming from the fires weren't enough, your smokes can certainly make the night extra special. An excellent puro for experienced smokers, the Montecristo Joyitas Cigar is here to stay. Made from long-filler tobacco leaves, Joyitas is the ideal cigar for a bonfire night due to its short format yet exquisite aromas. We couldn’t leave behind the smokers who prefer a light flavoured habano. Beautiful inside and out, the La Gloria Cubana Invictos Cigar (Ex. Italia 2018) won’t disappoint. Coming in a Robustos vitola that measures 124 mm in length by a ring gauge of 50, Invictos is a Regional Editions smoke handmade exclusively for the Italian market, the best light flavoured cigar to enjoy during a bonfire summer night.

romeo y julieta short churchills cigar and hoyo de monterrey petit robusto cuban cigars egm cigars

Left: Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills Cigar, Right: Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto Cigar 

Whether you enjoy smoking inside or outside, the habanos mentioned above are some of the Best Cuban Cigars on the market to this day, guaranteeing a very pleasant smoking experience. Before lighting your cigar outside though, make sure that by doing so you are not violating any rules or breaking any regulations and, of course, always keep the environment around you clean, healthy, and safe. Learn more about the enticing world of cigars from our Cuban Cigar Blog.

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