Partagas Habaneros Cigar Review

Partagas Habaneros Cigar Review

by Nick Hendry

There are no names more famous to lovers of Cuban Cigars than Partagas.  For almost 180 years it has been synonymous with quality and flavour.  Today the focus is often taken by the 3 sticks of the Serie D, the mighty Lusitania or even the weird and wonderful Culebras.  There are many more cigars to sample in the Partagas portfolio, however, and many that offer superb value for money as well as the famous full body of this hallowed marca.  One fine example is the Partagas Habaneros.

This short panatela has been available to smokers since the days before the revolution, and until around 2002 was made by machine and presented in cellophane wrap.  They are now handmade and presented in boxes of 25 or as single sticks.  The slender ring gauge of 39 combined with a generous 4 7/8 inch length will smoke for around 35 minutes.  Despite having been around so long this cigar remains relatively unknown, but offers superb value for money for one of Cuba’s 6 global brands.

The Partagas Habanero Cuban cigar

The short panatela shape of this cigar has been around for over 50 years

Construction: 7/10

  • A very heavy grain to the wrapper of the cigar, and one or 2 points which seemed overfilled when pressed, detracted slightly from the first impression. Thankfully, once lit these concerns proved to be purely cosmetic.

Draw: 7/10

  • There were times when the draw required a bit more effort than I would have preferred, but never did the cigar seem fully plugged.

Combustion: 10/10

  • After the initial concerns about the overfilling of the stick, it was a delight to see the even and gentle burn all the way along this cigar.

The ash of the Partagas Habaneros

The ash on the cigar was well-formed and a good colour

Ash: 5/5

  • Ash was solid and light grey, rolling gently off roughly every 1cm.

Smoke: 4/5

  • Not an overabundance of smoke from this particular stick, but it was fragrant.

Flavour: 21/25

  • A small cigar, and not one without its faults, but packed with flavour from the first puff. Warm notes, full bodied and rich – the perfect foil for strong black coffee and dark chocolate.

Overall: 30/35

  • The initial aesthetics of this stick were perhaps not too promising, but after lighting and getting over one or two slight draw issues it began to perform admirably. Flavours were pleasing and I was very impressed by what is a particularly affordable cigar – perfect for an everyday smoke.

The end of a Partagas Habanero

Around 35 minutes were spent with the Partagas Habaneros

Final Score: 84/100

  • This was a cigar as unknown to me as I suspect it is to many aficionados. The vitola is not one often used – shared only by the Romeo y Julieta Belvederes – but is the perfect shape for a relatively quick smoke.  Immediately upon lighting the cigar the deep, robust body of the brand was apparent, along with flavour notes of fresh leather and a touch of cedar.  As I progressed into the middle third the leather notes grew and cedar dissipated, replaced by a touch of warm earth and the beginnings of a peppery, spicy finish.  By the time the cigar entered its final third the most prominent note was of pure roasted tobacco, accompanied by a long, lingering aftertaste of rich, warm spices.

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