Only For The Brave: Strong Cigars You Must Try

Only For The Brave: Strong Cigars You Must Try

Two particular brands spring to mind when full-flavoured Cuban cigars are mentioned: Bolívar and Partagás. Both are renowned for their power-packed cigars. I know you are intrigued to find out which full-flavoured cigars you need to try. But first, let’s find out how these brands earned their names.

Starting with Bolívar. Named in honour of the powerful South American Revolutionary: Simón Bolívar, this brand certainly matches his might. The use of Ligero leaves among their potent blend provides a strong and spicy smoke for you aficionados. You must try a Bolívar cigar at least once in your life. Although, start slowly, as a beginner would be throwing themselves into the deep end with one!

Now, Partagás. No doubt you have heard about these smokes! Known for being one of the highest-selling cigars in the world, their spicy, peppery and earthy flavours have conquered the Cuban cigar market. Again… this brand is meant for experienced smokers.

bolivar royal coronas

Bolívar Royal Coronas.


BOLÍVAR ROYAL CORONAS – This cigar has undeniably earned a spot in your must-try list, as it is recognised as one of the most exemplary Cuban cigars for sale from Bolívar. This smoke received the title of ‘Cigar of the Year’ from Cigar Aficionado’s Magazine in 2005, so is a market favourite. It is on the slimmer side compared to many of the other cigars that we have on our Cuban cigar shop. It sizes at 124mm in length and has a 25 ring gauge. Due to its size, aficionados tend to indulge in this spicy, woody smoke daily.

partagas aristocrats cigar egm Partagás Aristocrats Cigar. 

PARTAGÁS ARISTOCRATS CIGAR – Robust and complex, this cigar will provide you with intense flavour in a limited time. Withholding the typical Partagás flavour, you get the additional treat of sweet coffee notes, smoothly wrapped together. This is one of the finest Cuban cigars online to enjoy post-dinner with a glass of liquor! This handmade beauty reaches a length of 129mm and a 40 ring gauge, lasting up to an hour.

Bolívar soberanos edicíon limitada

Bolívar Soberanos Edicíon Limitada.


BOLÍVAR SOBERANOS EDICÍON LIMITADA – This was one of the first 2018 limited edition releases by Habanos S.A. Although held together with a veiny, rough wrapper, that is no reflection of what is waiting on the inside. The flavours form a floral, choc-lately smoke, with gentle notes of honeyed wood and cashews. Aged for 9 months, it forms a 140mm length and 54 ring gauge, featuring the new Duke vitola. Highly-rated by many aficionados, this is certainly worth giving a shot.

Partagas seleccion privada edicion limitada 2014 egm  

Partagás Seleccion Privada Edicion Limitada 2014.

PARTAGAS SELECCION PRIVADA EDICION LIMITADA 2014 This limited edition smoke, is filled with tobacco leaves that have been matured for 2 years – providing a fuller, more well-rounded flavour. Offering notes of spicy pepper and earthy wood, this cigar is a slow burner. With a mild start, it slowly builds intensity, into a full aroma. The Double Robusto vitola has a length of 160mm, with a 50 ring gauge.

So, there you have it. 4 must-try full-flavoured smokes. But remember, this is only for the brave! Experienced smokers, this will be right up your alley. Beginners, however, proceed at your own risk! If you're hungry for more Cuban cigar reads, then search our Cuban cigars blog, to satisfy your needs.

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