EGM Business Trip: Hong Kong

EGM Business Trip: Hong Kong

This week EGM Cigars are on a very exciting business trip in Hong Kong. We will be viewing some of the world’s largest cigar collections on on the lookout for rare and vintage stock to list online. On this visit, we will also be visiting some of the most prestigious cigar shops and cigar divans and we will be sharing our views on them with our readers.  

So why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has been creating a commotion in the cigar industry for years. With an incredible and ever-growing group of Cigar Aficionados, such as the likes of Peter Lam and Howard Yeung, all of whom smoke only the best and rarest Cuban Cigars in the industry, we are sure that Hong Kong will leave us inspired; with both our minds and cigars ignited. Hong Kong is renowned for its citizen’s enjoying the finer things in life, "Like with food and wine, Hong Kong connoisseurs always opt for the highest quality and best producers. Cigars are no exception" said Thomas Bohrer, owner of Habanos Rare Wine and Cigars. Therefore, you can only expect that the cigar collections in Hong Kong contain only the finest cigars.

James Suckling, expert cigar critic and former European Editor of Cigar Aficionado, calls Hong Kong the ‘new Geneva for cigars’ and it’s obvious why. The critic illuminates Hong Kong’s excellent selection of cigar shops and cigar lounges, believing them to be some of the very best in the world and recounts tales of real estate tycoons and entrepreneurs who have expansive walk in humidors filled with the cigars that are scarce to find nowadays. 


What can you, our readers, expect from this visit to Hong Kong?

You can expect first hand experience blog posts and reviews about the different types of cigars we sample and the world famous divans we visit. Excellent for those that are hoping to visit and need some recommendations, or for those that are interested in the cigar culture of Hong Kong. And finally, but not least, our readers can expect fantastic additions to our Limited Editions and Regional Editions, as we will be locating and sourcing the rarest cigars Hong Kong has to offer.

We will also be updating our blog and social media for those who want to know and see more about the trip. So make sure you keep checking back on these to see what we find!

A few of our finest cuban cigars in our collection which we have sourced from the Asia Pacific Region: 

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